Apply these 12 Remedies to Ease the Invisalign Pain

Apply these 12 Remedies to Ease the Invisalign Pain

There are many dental pains and discomforts that a patient has to face when he/she don’t take care of their teeth, gums and mouth. But some types of agonies and aches are because of the various devices that are used to cure different dental issues. It is very rare that the treatment instruments cause pain but it is there for patients who bear it.

Orthodontist education will reveal what is Invisalign Pain

Normal dentists will not have the full knowledge of the reasons behind the Invisalign pain but if they have an addition Orthodontist education then the real reasons and remedies can be known. Invisalign pain is something which the patients fell when the aligners or brackets made of clear plastic are misadjusted.

12 Remedies to ease Invisalign Pain

It is very natural that the patient feels a little pain when the orthodontist puts Invisalign. It is because the device moves the teeth close and in position to align them properly. This is in the initial days of the adjustments but afterwards gradually the pain goes away. But if the agony is constant then you can apply the following 12 remedies.

Take Pain Relievers

The first remedy the orthodontist will suggest is taking pain relievers. It is when the pain is really severe and unbearable. But the medication should be taken either prescribed the orthodontist or the usual ones that are recommended by the general physician. You should never take medicines that are not suited to you.

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Cold Compressor on the Teeth

You can use various methods for this remedy. Ice cubes can be put into the cloth and pressed on the jaw area of the teeth. Sores can develop during the alignment process so they have to be relieved. You can put it on the outer side of the teeth for 10 minutes 3 times.

Change the Trays before going to bed

The aligners are also called trays because they have the shape in which the teeth are placed. It is recommended that a patient having this treatment must have at least 2 to 3 trays. The reason is that one is placed and the others are kept in reserve. When it is bedtime you have to change them.

Soft Food to eat

While you are having the Invisalign treatment; consider yourself as a baby who is still growing the teeth. You will be advised by the orthodontist that east soft food so that it doesn’t damage the teeth and gums and can disrupt the alignment process. If you are still an ordinary dentist and want to know all these extras then join online courses like Gerety Orthodontic Seminar.

Avoid Unnecessary Removal

The best way for the Invisalign to work is to keep it on the teeth all the time. You can only take it off when you are eating, brushing, drinking or flossing. It has been recommended that the Invisalign is worn 22 hours a day to ensure that the teeth are entirely aligned.

Treatment of the Mouth Sores

If the aligners are not adjusted properly then the sharp edges can harm the gums and inner part of the mouth. This can create sores inside the mouth which can cause intense pain. Many relief techniques can be used to ease the pain like; washing mouth with baking soda, applying ice and pain relievers.

Tolerate a Little Pain

It is the best idea that you tolerate a little pain so that the result you get is a beautiful smile with healthy teeth. Message the teeth and gums gently to ease the soreness after exercising. This will help to make the teeth adjusted to the various activates after the aligners are takeoff permanently.

Use Orthodontic Wax

This is soft wax that is manufactured especially of the teeth and it is put on the edges of the aligners to protect the gums. Although the Invisalign is not like the conventional braces still the edges can be sharp and harm the gums and other parts of the mouth.

Invisalign Chewies are Affective

This is a tool that assists you in putting on and aligner off. One problem with Invisalign is that it can be put on and taken off; so at several times, the aligner can be difficult to adjust. But with Invisalign Chewies you can easily fix it on the teeth.

Retrieval Tools for Aligners

Many tools are available for the patients having this treatment; so that it is not difficult for them to apply or take off the aligner. It may happen that the device doesn’t fit on the teeth. But with the retrieval tools, it becomes simple.

Sanitization of the Invisalign

Cleaning the Invisalign is really important because the germs can cause various gums and teeth problems that can be one of the reasons for pain with the treatment. Always clean the device properly every time you take it off.

Brushing and floss before and after putting Invisalign on

Orthodontist education teaches the dentists not only the ways to inform the patients on taking care of the Invisalign but also on how to take care of the teeth and other dental problems. Good oral hygiene means fewer problems and less pain.

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