5 Clever Solutions for Awkward Spaces

Finally, make use of the dead spaces in your home. Discover the best ideas for decorating awkward spaces [5 clever solutions included].

Interior design isn’t all that difficult, right?

You set up a nice table and four chairs in the dining room. The living room boasts two leather sofas, a coffee table, and flat-screen television. The bedroom obviously has a bed, a few nightstands, and a dresser.

If only it were that easy.

Decorating the major rooms in your house is definitely simple. But, what do you do about those awkward spaces that aren’t as clear-cut?

Every home has at least one of these. So, let’s go over some clever solutions for awkward spaces to make good use of them!

The Area Beneath the Stairs

The space beneath your stairs is perhaps the most awkward space in the home.

It’s far too small to make a room out of. Yet, it’s also large enough that it sticks out like a sore thumb when it’s completely empty.

1. What You Can Do About It

Your design opportunities in this space depend on how large this space actually is.

If the area is completely closed off and of a decent size, you can try converting this space into a coat closet. That’s especially useful if your staircase is in the entryway of your home.

When there are definite size limitations, you have to make do.

You can set up a small desk and chair into your own makeshift office beneath the stairs. Or, you can even install nice wood shelving that blends in with this area to create your own mini-library.

For pet owners, this location is a dream!

You can close off the area and create an indoor dog house, fit with a nice bed, lighting, and toys. For cat lovers, it’s perfect for hiding the litter box or creating tunnels your cat will love to traverse.

2. The Unfinished Attic

Attics can add a ton of living space to your home.

But, that’s only if they’re finished. And, finishing an attic in this day and age can cost you well over $50,000.

That doesn’t mean that your attic will forever be wasted and awkward space. There are some things you can use it for.

What You Can Do About It

Most important, you’ll need to add flooring so you don’t have to walk from beam to beam. Otherwise, you’ll fall through the ceiling and cause a ton of damage.

When your attic has lots of space, but just won’t cut it as a room, it makes the perfect storage space.

Lay down some planks of wood professionally and begin moving items upstairs. 

This is an ideal place to store items you want to keep, but just don’t want on display in your normal living space. Maybe you have some items that are eating up space in the rest of your closets and cabinets.

Store trunks, tools, old books and toys, and suitcases in the attic.

If you plan to use your attic a lot, make sure you’re investing in a good ladder or set of stairs to get up there safely.

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3. The Space Above Your Cabinets

If the tops of your kitchen cabinets don’t meet the ceiling, then you have a space that collects dust regularly.

And, this space isn’t well hidden at all.

There’s a good chance your visitors notice this awkward space when they come into your kitchen.

But the last thing you want to do is to spend thousands of dollars on your cabinets to get rid of this space altogether.

What You Can Do About It

Were you wondering what to do about that artwork that doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere else in the house?

Well, this is it.

This space is an ideal spot to put your favourite vases, bowls, and sculptures on display. You can even use this awkward space to hang family photos or scenic photographs.

Even better?

You can decorate this cabinet space throughout the year. 

Add Christmas decor during winter and Halloween decor during fall. You can make your kitchen look different throughout the year without spending lots.

4. The Windowless Room

Depending on your home, you may have at least one room that never sees the light of day (literally).

Maybe it’s the basement or a bedroom without a window. Either way, the lack of natural light makes decorating difficult.

Are you really going to leave this room completely empty?

What You Can Do About It

Thankfully, you don’t need natural light to make good use of a room.

Windowless rooms can house activities that require darkness or just don’t need natural sunlight. 

That means this space can become your new game room, movie room, or even an exercise room.

There are even ways to make windowless rooms brighter.

Use bright colors when painting this type of room to make it seem larger and brighter.

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5. The Undersized Room

A lot of old houses have severely undersized rooms.

In a way, they look like an afterthought that occurred during the design process. They’re not large enough to be useful as a bedroom, but they’re far too large to just be a closet.

Don’t waste your space – do something about it.

What You Can Do About It

This is your chance to make your room what you want.

If you’re a book lover, this is the perfect place to install shelving to create your very own home library. This space can also double as a home office or a playroom in a pinch.

The key is being strategic about your design.

The one thing that makes a tiny room look even smaller is stuffing it with items and furniture. You might be able to get away with one or two pieces of furniture without overloading the room.

Build up, not out, if you want to maximize your space in this room.  For a bedroom, that might mean a loft bed with storage or a desk underneath.


The only thing that makes an “awkward” space even more awkward is leaving it completely empty. That’s why you need to do what you can to fill this space creatively.

As we reviewed above, there are quite a few ways to do that. 

Consider the amount of space you have in your home. Plan the style of decor that you’re going for. And decide what you’re willing to budget for.

What you’ll have left is clever solutions for awkward spaces.

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