6 Qualities That Would Make You The Best Nurse

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Being a nurse is a fulfilling but demanding job. There is nothing nobler than serving the injured and ill patients in the best possible manner and reassuring their families about the well-being of the patient.

A reputation of a hospital or medical facility is affected significantly by the behavior of its nurses. If they are not supportive, alert, and caring, their reputation is bound to be sabotaged. On the other hand, the patients would recommend the medical facility if the nurses made them feel comfortable, positive, and strong. So, agency nurse jobs ask for candidates who possess certain qualities.

This makes it important for you to possess the best qualities that win everyone’s heart. If you are just beginning your nursing career or are willing to work at a different hospital, the characteristics mentioned below will help you bag a high-paying job at a reputable hospital.

1. Strong Communication

Communication is not limited to speaking but listening effectively too. As a nurse, you will have to share complicated medical information with the patients and their families every day. A nurse generally serves as a healthcare translator who has to explain the complex topics in an understandable way. You will also have to bear tough news too.
You directly interact with the patient for a longer time and the patient should feel comfortable enough to tell you about their problems and also things going in their mind. This way, they may recover faster. Moreover, if there are any side effects or the patient is feeling uncomfortable, they would tell you easily if you are warm and friendly.

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2. Empathy

Empathy implies the ability to understand the feelings of others. As a nurse, being empathetic is crucial because until you feel the pain of the patient and their family members, you would not be able to provide sufficient comfort and compassion. Expressing empathy also helps build the patient’s trust, calm the patient’s anxieties and also increase patient satisfaction. As a result, the patient will be able to develop a positive outlook and recover faster.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

You may experience totally different cases every day and even unfamiliar, complicated and mysterious ones that do not have any underlying cause. This is why complex problem-solving ability is necessary. Additionally, when the problem arises, you have to stay calm in order to find solutions. So, you should be composed during such times and use your mind and knowledge to find a solution.

4. Persuasiveness

Elderly patients or children can be difficult to deal with. Not everyone is going to take medications, supplements, and food on time. You should be persuasive and make the patients follow the treatment rightly. After a long surgery, the patient may feel scared to walk, sit, or stand. A nurse has to remind them of their strength and persuade them to do so.
Moreover, you have to convince the patients to follow the right course of treatment as well. This may include educating them on managing the disease or wound, teaching them about the importance of doing exercise and taking medications on time. Thus, your convincing power should be strong.

5. Open to learning

You cannot be the best nurse if you do not have an interest in the medical field or are not open to learning. Yes, for becoming a nurse you will undergo proper training and possess medical knowledge, but you have to keep giving exams and advance your career. Also, as you keep working, you will have to learn new things every day.

Moreover, in the medical field, due to innovations and inventions, new machinery and procedures emerge frequently. This makes it even more important to keep learning and adapting as per the changes in different nursing specialties. In fact, learning is not enough, to be the best nurse, you should be able to apply your newfound knowledge at the right time effectively.

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6. Emotional Stability

This is the most crucial quality in a nurse. Seeing so many people go through difficult times, including young children can be devastating. Every day in the hospital can bring an array of powerful emotions like surprise, frustration, sadness, and joy. But you have to stay strong because you are the one who will provide support to patients and their family members.

Being emotionally stable also lets you perform your duties well while still being empathetic and warm. Whatever you witness in the hospital can be heartbreaking and mentally draining but by practicing meditation, positive talking, and other relaxing exercises, you can learn how to control your emotions while being empathetic.

The Bottom Line

You are not going to have all these qualities right after you graduate from a nursing school but you should be able to develop them over time. Being a nurse can be challenging but it is highly rewarding and every day when you go to work, you would be proud of yourself.

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