What Impact does adopting a child has on the adoptive parents?

adopting child impact on parents

It is the view of the general public that it is the adopted child that has to endure the most pain and effects of adoption. But they forget that the adoptive parents also suffer during the whole process. Yes, it is true that the adoptive mother and father come under psychological, social and behavioral pressure which can have a negative impact on them.

Adoption lawyers in Atlanta Helping with Decision Making

Long before you consult Adoption lawyers in Atlanta; you have to ask some questions to in order to clear the path of the adoption.

  1. Are you psychologically ready to adopt a child?
  2. Will he/ she adjust in the new environment?
  3. Are the finances prepared?
  4. What will be your reaction to all this?

Feeling before Adoption

There are many reasons as to why children are adopted. The children are suffering from physical or psychological abuse, their parents are neglecting them or the financial condition of either the parents is not good. The adoptive parents have mixed feelings; although they are happy that a child will enter their lives at the same time there are doubts for many things.

Emotions throughout the Process

Throughout the process, adoptive parents experience mental stress. It is because the time duration of the adoption process is lengthy so the tension of waiting can be exhausting. The normal duration of the adoption time can range from a few months to at least a year. Waiting that long can be a pressure on the mind of the parents

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After the Completion of Adoption

The adoptive parents can feel satisfied and relaxed after the adoption is completed and the child is brought to the house. Still, there are a lot of diversified emotions like; the adjustment of the child, behavior he/ she will exhibit in the future and whether the child will ask about his/ her biological parents.

Impact on the Adoptive Parents

There are 5 types of adoption that people can consider which includes Public, Private, Domestic, and International and through Agencies. They have almost the same process with slight differences, but their impact on adoptive parents is the same. If you are planning to adopt a child then you can contact the best adoption lawyer Tom Tebeau to help you with handling the following impacts of adoption.

Feeling Depressed

As the child they are going to adopt is not their own; parents can experience Post Adoption Depression Syndrome. This syndrome occurs because the parents have to adopt a child rather than having their own. The effects of this can be insomnia and alienation towards the adopted child. But this condition goes away after a few months when the parents are well adjusted with the child.

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Attachment Issues

It is really difficult for someone to connect with others. If the child is of your own family the fewer issues will be there. But if the adoption is of a stranger’s child then problems can develop through the process. Don’t think that the feeling of parenthood is not there; just it may take time for them to attach with the child.

Not Identifying with the Child

When a new child through adoption comes into the life a couple; they have to take on the role of a mother and father. This change can be very different for some couples as they can quickly assume the roles of mom and dad. But there are others who feel that they have made the decision in haste and take time to identify the child as their own.

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Fearing the Child’s Background

This fear comes when the child is being adopted through a closed adoption. The family, cultural and religious background of the child is not known. But in other types of adoptions, these fears are also there as not much familiarity with the child.

Afraid of Rejected from the Family

There are still some families that don’t consider adoption as the final or only solution for childless couples. They never approve of the system of adoption and if a couple adopts a child; the family becomes furious and can even boycott relations with the adoptive parents. It is very stressful to imagine the pain of being cut off from the whole family.

Dealing with the Behavior of the Child

This is a situation that occurs when you have adopted a child who is mature enough to understand that he/ she has been put under the care of total strangers. The child can behave by either excepting the parents or negatively. This is a confusion that adoptive parents have to face but it goes away when the child adjusts well in the family.

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How you can deal with it?

There are basically three ways by which you can easily cope with the above-mentioned situations in an adoption process.

  1. Other than closed adoption; you can easily acquire the background info of the child if you are adopting through any other type.
  2. There are many parental seminars, counsels, meetings and sessions that you can join to know what parenting is.
  3. Taking help from Adoption lawyers in Atlanta will clear many of your doubts as well.

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