10 Ideas to Upgrade Your Backyard Party

backyard party

Today’s backyard, patio, and deck have become an important center of entertainment for the modern home. As you plan your next barbecue or backyard party, look for simple and inexpensive ways to update your outdoor decor. Add decorative touches that reflect your style and personality and make the outdoors an extension of your home. Try some of these ideas to outfit your outdoors and make your space warm, inviting and catch your guest’s eye.Backyard Party Decoration

Plant a Table Centerpiece

Use what you already have. Relocate potted plants and flowers to create a natural centerpiece or place them around the deck or patio to create boundaries and define your space. Mix and match varieties and colors or keep it consistent – let your personal style and creativity be your guide.

Stylish Outdoor Tablecloth image

Dress up your table with some eye catching color. Pretty and practical, tablecloths can make your outdoor entertaining bright. Skip the traditional picnic plain and opt for something with vibrant stripes or patterns – red, green yellow and blue all work great outdoors.

Bring the Indoors Out

Don’t limit yourself to just patio furniture and décor; incorporate items from indoors for a fresh and finished look. A dining room buffet, coffee tables, table and chairs or even a loveseat can make the outdoor space seem like a true extension of your home. There really are no limits for a backyard party!

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Lose the Paper Plates

Skip the flimsy paper plates and upgrade your tablescape with dishes made specifically for outdoor entertaining. Melamine dishes are chic and durable with a myriad of colors to choose from. Few accessories can spruce up an outdoor soiree as much as bright and cheery dishware – blues and yellows are very popular choices.

Floor Them With Cushions

Outdoor pillows and cushions are a perfect way to add festive color and bring your personal style to a backyard party space without breaking the bank. When it’s impractical to fill the deck or patio with enough chairs for all guests, pillows and floor cushions are the perfect solution – whether you put them on benches the deck or in the yard for an outdoor movie – they are functional and chic. To top it off, you can throw them in the car and take them anywhere there’s a outdoor party – the park, campground or a 4th of July fireworks celebration. Look for pillows and cushions that blend style with durability.

Add a Pop of Color

Find some inexpensive old chairs or a couple small tables and paint them with a bold color. They can serve as a satellite table for drink service and for an out- of-the-way place for guests to mingle. Suitable pieces can be found at thrift stores or garage sales for less than $50, add a few dollars in all weather paint and you are ready to entertain in less than an afternoon.

Unique and Stylish Serveware

Incorporate some unique serveware into your entertaining – creative pieces are practical and can be conversation starters. Place them along an outdoor buffet or right in the center of the dining table. Bright colors can add to the festive atmosphere. Use them for snacks and appetizers then re-purpose them later in the night for treats to satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth.

Unique Light Projectors

If you are going to arrange the party at night then use a unique style of lights. Use a laser light projector to give an awesome look of your party.

Warm Centerpieces

No matter the event, the outdoor table is a gathering point for guests. Have a stylish centerpiece as a point of interest – a fashionable, unique bowl filled with just about anything from seasonal fruits, breads or napkin wrapped utensils will do fine. If the party continues at dusk and beyond add some candles for warm light and ambiance.

Finish With a Rug

Outdoor rugs can add style, color and help define areas around the entertaining space. Use them to add flair to a sitting area or flatter any space guests will mingle. Place a satellite drink station in the middle of an inexpensive round rug to accentuate. Good outdoor rugs are easy to clean (simply rinse with a garden hose), mold and mildew resistant and won’t fade from the sun. Look for a rug that matches your personality, whether neutral, classic or contemporary.

You can make your backyard party stand out with style when you follow some of these simple tips. Enjoy yourself!

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