5 Little Things You Must Know To Be A Great Yoga Teacher

be a yoga teacher

Ask someone what makes a great yoga teacher, and you’ll get a plethora of views. Some will say they must have a good knowledge of anatomy or follow a yogic lifestyle. And, others consider a good yoga teacher as someone who incorporates philosophy, scriptures, or complicated postures in the classes. Well, everyone has a different opinion! 

But, what makes a great yoga teacher has nothing to do with such lofty expectations people often have. You don’t need to be the most knowledgeable or spiritual person to be a respected and valued yoga teacher. Remember, small things often make up big values! 

Just pay attention to the minute details and a bigger will take care of itself.

5 little gestures that make great yoga teachers stand out

Facilitate Human Connection In The Classes

Encouraging human contact in the class means you value the individuals. And, the best way to do so is by learning your students’ names. Even if you have so many students, it won’t take much effort if you are prepared to do it. 

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Further, you can’t teach anyone anything if you aren’t friendly. Your new students will judge you in their first classes with you. They will see how well you connect with them, how you talk, walk, or sit. These values have nothing to do with the reciting scriptures, grasping the details of the muscular system, or presenting yourself as the most righteous people on the earth.

Know your students, approach them, and build a two-way relationship. Once you facilitate human touch in your class, you are likely to earn respect from them.

Never Hurry

A teacher’s impatience and lack of presence can have a negative impact on the students. You need to pace your every move and wait for your students to get into the pose. There are yoga teachers lost in their own movements, not paying attention to the vibes of their class. 

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One good way to avoid this mistake is to take up an extensive yoga teacher training and focus on staying present for your class rather than on the postures. You can join the one that includes a guided meditation for yoga teachers as a daily schedule. It will help you provide meaningful experiences to your students, and expand the teaching beyond a textbook.

Remember Your Students’ Health Conditions

Just like learning your students’ names, remembering their health conditions show that you care. If a student keeps you reminding of his ongoing health treatment, he’s likely to lose faith in you. 

However, people need to understand that yoga teachers are not physiotherapists or doctors. So, it’s crucial to steer clear that yoga will cure serious injuries. It might, but, as a teacher, avoid making grand claims that lead to disappointment later.

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Admit If You Don’t Know Something

Even if you are a teacher, there may be a lot of things you don’t know. At the same time, your students expect a lot from you. Try to fulfill their expectations. However, if you don’t know something, saying ‘I don’t know’ seems humble. It shows your willingness to cooperate with those who know. Besides, it prevents you from providing your students with false information.

Be Available For The Students Before And After The Class

Though it isn’t possible all the time, try to arrive early and stay after the class often. It will give you a chance to prepare for the class. Further, you get an opportunity to converse with the students and beginners who are a bit nervous. Plus, you have enough time to discuss health conditions or other concerns they might have.

To Sum Up

Now that you know what embodies a great yoga teacher embrace this role and try to be the best teacher you can be. Establish trust among the students and never stop learning and growing. Your students, as well as your profession, will thank you.

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