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Right now, PC or Laptop or MacBook users look for ergonomic gadgets as they spend most of the day working with their systems. An ergonomic mouse is probably the first thing they try to ensure comfortable operating.

In the online and offline market, you can get a variety of ergonomic mice to choose from and that’s where the difficulty arises – which one to choose! Here, we present different types of ergonomic mice so that it becomes easier to find out which one is going to be the best to buy.

1. Vertical Mouse

The vertical mouse is a completely different looking mouse from the standard mouse and it allows your palm and wrist to obtain the most natural position. Yes, it looks odd, but when you hold this mouse, you can feel how relaxing it is – it feels as if you are shaking hands with someone, not holding a device.

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Vertical mice come with a few extra buttons which can easily access by using your thumb. You must be familiar with the stress on your wrist during navigation with an ordinary mouse, but that is missing in the vertical mouse.

The best part of using a vertical mouse is the stronger muscles of your hand are engaged at the time of navigating and it is the reason behind less muscle strain. These are a bit costly but, for better performance and more comfort, you can invest that.

You have to remember that you need some time (14-15 days) to learn the operation of a vertical mouse.

2. Trackball Mouse

In case you are unwilling to spend so many days to learn how to use the vertical mouse and want a mouse with easy operations, trackball mouse is here for you. We find it to be the best alternative to the traditional ones.

If you are used to the fingertip grip, this ergonomic mouse will be your best selection. Trackball mouse ensures faster movements of cursors and its users’ palm-like shape ensures much comfort.

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This particular type of mouse is great for everyone, especially, for the graphic designers who use the mouse for hours and often have wrist strain. Apart from getting a natural posture while operating, another advantage of this ergonomic mouse is it can be used on any surfaces.

Though, this mouse appears not so satisfactory for the gamers for its excessive swift movements, yet, it can be a good choice if you want your daily works with your PC or laptop to be less strenuous.

3. Tweaked Traditional Mouse

If the appearance of these 2 mice bothers you, you can get the tweaked mouse as it looks just like the regular mouse. Here, you can get a rest for the thumb and it is much more comfortable than the regular mouse.

But, this mouse looks almost like the mouse you are used to – so, you don’t need to spend a few days to learn its operations. If you only want to get rid of the wrist strain at an affordable price, you should get a tweaked traditional mouse.

4. Roll Bar Mouse

Roll Bar Mouse is completely different in terms of its looks compared to the regular mouse and the ergonomic ones mentioned here. As roll bar mouse is kept in front of the keyboard, you don’t feel the pain of extending your hand to reach the mouse.

Roll bar mouse is much like the touchpad of the laptop, but it ensures more comfort with its padded wrist rest. Scrolling and clicking are so fast that you can complete your task even faster every single day.

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So, these are the types of ergonomic mice available right now. Roll bar mouse and vertical mouse are the best mice to purchase if you want to get rid of your neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain caused by operating the ordinary mouse.

Don’t have much budget for the ergonomic mouse? Get the Trackball Mouse! If you are uncomfortable with the shapes of these mice, a tweaked traditional mouse will be the best pick.

You need some time to learn proper operating of the ergonomic mouse and it’s alright to spend this time as you will get some serious and long term benefits from this.

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