5 Best Foreign Language Films to Watch Right Now

Best Foreign Language Films

When it comes to the best movies to watch, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to foreign films. Most of the time, you’ll only find English movies screening at your local movie houses. This “exclusivity” adds to the value or mystique of most foreign-language films.

Thankfully, you can easily download movies, even if it’s from another country, through the help of torrents. Torrents are small files that contain metadata of much larger files such as movies, apps, or games. Torrent sites such as YIFY and their mirror sites, provide torrent files for users to download. If you already downloaded a torrent file, you can use that file along with a BitTorrent client, such as µTorrent, to start downloading your movies.

Finding an excellent foreign film can be somewhat fun. It’s like looking for buried treasure. Most of the time, foreign films have considerably fewer seeders or people who have the whole file and are open to sharing it. Since we’re stuck inside our homes due to the quarantine, now would be an excellent time to find and watch some foreign films.

5 best foreign films to watch right now

1. Amélie (2001) – France/French

Starring Audrey Tautou as the titular character Amélie, this film is about Amélie’s days bringing joy to other people she meets while finding her true love. The film is very light and is very pleasant to the eyes. Coupled with Audrey’s attractive french accent and superb acting, this is a must-watch for people who are looking for an alternative, feel-good movie.

2. Parasite (2019) – South Korea/Korean

South Korea produces some of the best international movies to date. South Korean director Bong Joon-ho made history as his film, Parasite, won the Oscars for Best Picture overall. The film is the first non-english, full-length feature to win the award.

The film shows themes of nepotism, the conflicts between the upper and lower-class families, and so much more. Indeed, the film deserves the Oscars because of its incredible pacing, storytelling, and overall tone.

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3. Three Idiots (2009) – India/Hindi

Bollywood also has fantastic movies to watch, and one of those movies is Three Idiots. It stars one of India’s most famous actors, Aamir Khan. The film focuses on the campus lives of three college students, namely Rancho, Farhan, and Raju.

You’ll have fun watching the movie as you get to know the characters more. Although the film is mostly comedic, it also has a few sensitive topics which can leave viewers thinking. Overall, Three Idiots is one of the best movies to come out of Bollywood.

4. City of God (2002) – Brazil/Portuguese

City of God is a film about two kids growing up during the 1960s in Brazil. One of the kids becomes a photographer, while the other grows up to be a feared drug lord. The film follows these boy’s lives.

In terms of themes, the movie is somewhat dark, as it includes the hardships endured by the boys through the conflicts that happened in the country. One of the thoughts that viewers should think of when watching the movie is how circumstances can play a role in determining one’s future.

5. La Vita e Bella (1997) – Italy/Italian

La Vita e Bella or Life is Beautiful, is an incredible story about a father and a son’s ordeal during the occupation of Nazi Germany of Italy in the second world war. Although the film’s setting and tone appear darker, everything is made lighter by the film’s main protagonist, Guido.

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He makes everything in life brighter through his positive and sometimes wacky antics, which often make his son, Giosuè, laugh and feel at peace. The film may be sensitive for some as it depicts some scenes about the concentration camps in World War II.


Sometimes, the best movies aren’t always in English. If you’re looking for something new, you can look at foreign films listed above. These films are incredibly well-directed and are a must-watch for those wanting a wholly unique experience in watching movies.

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