9 Best Free Adventure Games For iPhone | 2021 List

Best Free Adventure Games For iPhone in 2021

 The adventure genre is one of the first and almost every generation of game consoles has great adventure games. And with a very famous operating system is iOS, it will be indispensable for good adventure games. We invite you to check out the best free adventure games worth playing on the iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad.

For those who are looking for the best free adventure games for iPhone, surely cannot ignore the names Heroes Reborn: Enigma, Oddwings Escape, Assassin’s Creed Pirates, Broken Age, and The Walking Dead. The game is rated “export material “when it comes to experiencing the act of choking.

Top 9 Adventure Games Worth Playing on iOS

Below are the list of the best adventure games for iPhone which you must play in this year and avail the experience of real gaming graphics.

1. Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO

In the game, players will transform into Lara Croft, a brave, intelligent, beautiful, and charming female adventurer. You are lost in a mysterious jungle filled with traps, dangerous wild animals, where you must find the key to solve mysterious puzzles in order to find a way out.

The context in the game is designed in detail and soulful, the groves, grasstops, waterfalls, ancient relics are all very beautiful. The colors in the game work together subtly to create a beautiful picture but full of danger. In addition, the effects in the game are very well made such as trees leaning in the wind, earthquakes … these factors make Lara Croft GO easily conquer the most demanding gamers.

The gameplay of Lara Croft GO is also very unique. Square Enix showed creativity by combining both action and puzzle elements into the same game under the name GO. Lara Croft GO has a way of moving like board games (turn-based form), that is, players will have to control Lara Croft to move step by step by touching or swiping. She will perform a series of movements such as walking, running, climbing, jumping thoroughly when you gently swipe, but each move is only limited to one step. When playing, you need to be careful and find the right weapons, you will easily overcome the challenges.

The game has about 40 different levels for you to explore, although this is a puzzle game, it is not too difficult to consume hours of your time. Hope this will be the best free adventure game that worth you kill the time.

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2. Heroes Reborn: Enigma

Heroes Reborn Enigma

Heroes’ father Tim Kring has cooperated with Phosphor Games to produce a mobile game version based on the blockbuster movie called Heroes Reborn: Enigma. As a first-person best action-adventure game on iOS, Heroes Reborn: Enigma offers players cinematic colorful choking action and tough questions that require finding answers. to be able to continue my journey.

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The main content in Heroes Reborn: Enigma will put players in the role of Dahlia – Cassandra’s 14-year-old sister. She was locked up in a mystery government organization called The Quarry. The player’s task is to find a way to escape from that place. Dahlia’s special abilities have yet to be revealed. The main enemy our character will confront within the game will be Trevor Artisan.

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3. Storm Casters Ultra

Storm Casters Ultra

Storm Caster allows you to guide a magical hero through hundreds of different mazes and countless villains to save your family. Along the way, you will collect “Battle Cards” that allow you to equip with magic spells, increase your strength, or a certain benefit.

Exploring the dungeons is limited in time, so you only have less than a minute to go through the dangers that lie in the dark. If you lose or run out of time, you will be kicked out of the dungeon to return to where you started with the rewards and experience earned. You can move on, but the process will start all over again.

The key to Storm Casters’ success has to do with the way all the simple elements come together, providing you with an enjoyable experience. You will fight zombies by constantly launching fireballs and rationally moving around the battle. To win the booty, you must defeat the pile of enemies that are always surrounding you, and then each pile of gold, treasure chests will appear allowing you to freely collect your rewards.

Some games fail when the mechanics are too complicated. Particularly with Storm Casters, the simple combat system shows excellence, with the ability to pick up a variety of weapons allowing you to have different spells, fire a fireball, pull a bolt of lightning or toss. out a chain of energy particles like a machine gun.

The stress and pressure coming from the timer will make you feel dizzy at the end of a round but also gives you the opportunity to open new cards and improve your abilities. The ability to select a third Extra Card allows you to experience all the cards and explore interesting combinations. Many times you have to stop the game to admire this complicated creation. This best adventure game for iPhone’s almost everything you’ll come across while playing Storm Casters.

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4. Devious Dungeon 2

Devious Dungeon 2

Devious Dungeon 2 is a mobile action platform game set in a medieval dungeon. In this place, the player will have to fight against monsters to gain experience and level up. There are many different worlds and is formed by troublesome tunnels, the player must destroy the large bosses at the end of the road to be able to continue moving to another area. Besides, with the amount of gold collected along the way, you can use them to buy different items or equipment in the trading places.

The control mechanism in Devious Dungeon 2 is quite easy and the player just needs to go straight ahead, just like the other products from the developer. The keys displayed are not much, simple with two directions to move left and right and one key A to jump, B to attack. Only that is effective enough for you to experience the free adventure games for iPhone.

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5. SirVival


Sirvival is an action-packed, action-packed, action-packed mobile game. Join the best adventure games, players will play the role of a knight named SirVival. This knight is always riding on a horse and in the game SirVival, the player will have the task of trying to rescue a princess.

According to the storyline, the knight SirVival is hastily crossing the sacred lands of Galgamar to rescue the radish princess, who has been affected by evil, evil dragons known as Maelstrom. Along the way, players can change armor, hats, and use power-ups to rescue the beautiful but extremely poor princess.

At the time of launch, SirVival offered players 40 challenges from five types of environments. In addition, the equipment system of the adventure game is also quite diverse with 18 different hats, three armor sets, eight power-ups, and 15 magic items.

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Each level of play, gamers will be able to collect for themselves the necessary items. In addition, players will have the opportunity to confront the boss, dragons with a source of destructive power.

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6. Oddwings Escape

Oddwings Escape

Oddwings Escape is an exciting and unique action-adventure game with a monstrous bluebird and a seemingly simple but challenging flight moves!

Thinking that flying in the air is the “profession” of the birds, but in Oddwings Escape, this experience is full of novelty and somewhat bizarre. In the game, the player will control the bird flying in beautiful and majestic environments, dodge obstacles and bombs to achieve the desired target distance. This is an opportunity to investigate incalculable excellent islands whereas making a difference the Oddwings elude from Dr. Rooster’s pursuit.

Oddwings Escape player’s main task is to fly as far as possible, collect gold, hearts and discover golden keys to free Oddwings from Dr. Rooster’s lab. While exploring the beautiful world of the jungle or small islands, players also need to pay attention to avoid the deadly traps that Rooster sets out such as gas bombs, poison gas, and many other obstacles.

And yet, Oddwings Escape also allows unlocking and upgrading too many new characters with different strengths, energy, and flight speeds. When connecting your Facebook account, players can also race birds with friends to see who flies the fastest and safest in extremely dangerous gaming environments. One of the top choices if you are looking for version of free adventure games for iphone.

7. Walkr


Walkr opens up an amazing adventure between planets and galaxies right on your mobile device(best free adventure games for iPhone). With the simple touch of your hands on the touchscreen – equivalent to one light-year to reach the Walkr. Players will travel on the majestic Walkr space ship and explore the vast universe around him. On a rocket designed and completed in 11 years, players will use the Walking Energy energy to fuel the spaceship, embark on a journey to explore more than 50 stunning planets, including Caramel Apple, Octopus Cavern, Heart of Flames, and more.

Through this new adventure game, you will also learn more species of creatures lost in space and need your help to return home. This is a space adventure that any player who is passionate about exploring would want to join! Each planet will create its own resources. Players can find a quest that suits them on the guest list to get started.

After starting a new quest, the player must collect specific resources and gather enough resources to complete that quest. Different missions give you different rewards. The resource collection method is quite simple. When performing a task, the Walkr system will automatically calculate the number of resources needed for that task.

Exploring planets is one of the main goals in the game Walkr. Players must launch Explorer to find new planets. Each time you do a search, you can select an elemental planet, animal, tree, or food. If you don’t know which one to choose, choose the random mode. When selected at random, unique, and rare planets will be found.

As the spaceship flies further, players need more gold to join the series of discovery missions. To earn gold, build Dynamic Food Replicator to feed alien creatures, they will give you resources. Then, players sell resources to earn gold and raise funds for conquering new planets.

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8. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Assassin's Creed Pirates

If you are a loyal fan of Ubisoft or even a loyal fan of Assassin’s Creed game, then you definitely cannot miss this game. In the game, you will follow a pirate, Alonzo Batilia within the travel to discover the treasure of the French privateer La Buse. The game focuses on the sea battles and takes place in the context of the 18th century, the period considered the pirate paradise.

You will start off as a prisoner on a pirate ship, but through some “lucky events” you get to be the captain. The plot in the game will be shown through “comic” dialogue and you can click the screen if you want to switch quickly. As soon as you get on as captain, you begin to sail your ship and begin the story.

As mentioned above, you will only be able to control your boat and not be out of it for a second so Assassin’s Creed Pirate’s gameplay will simply revolve around naval battles and plunder the loser. In a battle, your boat will have two states, which are “attack” and “defense”. In the state of “attack”, you can shoot cannons at the enemy but after firing it will take a while to load so you will switch to a state of “defense”. That is when the enemy attacks, you have to control your boat to avoid the incoming bullets by pressing the “dodge” buttons on the screen. If you win, you will be free to plunder and enrich yourself. At the early levels the enemies seem very easy, but the more they get later, the more firepower, … so it will be a tough challenge for players.

In addition to the long battles on the sea, you can also participate in side quests to earn more money, contributing to upgrading the speed, firepower, and stamina for your ships. If you have enough money you can also buy a new boat and recruit more crew, this will help your raid and loot.

Assassin’s Creed Pirate may be frustrating for you by not following the gameplay of the console or PC version, but the way that Ubisoft allows players to participate in marine battles as well as interact with their own battleships has created. so a rather strange wind in the current mobile game market and is the best free application for adventure games on iOS

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9. Swordigo


Classified as a platform game, but in fact, Swordigo brings a bold style of adventure, puzzle. Basically, the player will have to find a way through the areas and fight hordes of monsters blocking the way. At first glance, it seems simple, but the attraction that the game brings comes from the high-brain scale. Everything happens randomly and unexpectedly so you will not anticipate what you will be facing.

The role-playing element is also integrated quite cleverly when your character will have the ability to level up when destroying monsters and increasing attribute points. Besides, you can also improve your combat ability by buying new weapons, armor, and spells in adventure games. Of course, the equipment you earn when opening treasure chests in mysterious areas is truly rare and powerful.

Regarding the control mechanism in Swordigo, the virtual key combination coordinates right on the touch screen are no stranger to gamers. You can arrange them as you like so that suits you best.

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In general, the gameplay in the game is really too rich, not repetitive, so you will not feel bored when experiencing. Above are 9 adventure games on iOS that are worth experiencing in 2021. Each game has its own “color” of dramatic action with challenging screens with different levels of difficulty. Attractive, right. Do not forget to test your skills with your loved ones! Do not hesitate to download the best free adventure games for iPhone and the best ios adventure games right away.

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