10 Best Free Fitness Tracker Apps (2020)

Best Free Fitness Tracker Apps

Health and fitness hold the beauty of your life; thus, try to maintain it properly. It is not an era to make a proper diary to write it down your daily plans and measurements. We have digital sources available that manage our life on a single tap. As far as fitness is concerned, we have lots of free Apps available for android and IOS to maintain our daily data of exercise and calories. In this article, I will add 10 Best Free Fitness tracker APPs that can monitor your exercise sessions and display all the records of your workout. It will let you know about your betterment in your session every day. These apps are very popularly used throughout the world because of its tracking feature; it lets people know about their improvement and naturally boosts their exercising levels to beat their tracks, which keeps them motivated and encouraged.

10 Best Free Exercise Tracker Apps for Monitor Exercising Levels

Good health is a real blessing; if you lose health, it may affect your overall body like skin, hairs, and internal organs. Especially male persons because they have a strict routine with their jobs. Thus, they go for anti-aging cream for men to look younger rather than workout. Following are exercise tracker apps, which will push you towards your favorable outcome:

1. Fitify: Workout and Training Plans

Fitify Workout and Training Plans

Fitify is one of the most rated fitness apps and the best-reviewed for its friendly and useful features. In this tracking App, you can choose exercises according to your need, like weight loss, strengthening muscles, Yoga, and stretching. It perfectly fits the busy people who can’t figure the schedule for their workout in their busy routine. It is suitable for every age and fitness group. You can plan your workout and time as per exercises and it saves all the track records of your sessions, which keeps you always engaged with this App.

Download: Android and IOS

2. MyFitnessPal


It is the best free workout tracker app for you; it tracks your calories and ensures your progression with other healthy diets plan. It also gives you healthy recipes with the chart of serving the meal. It tracks your goal and calculates it with your diet intake per day and gives you the final results of your improvement. It also reads barcodes and calculates its necessity for your serve. This App has very satisfactory reviews with a rating of 4.4.

Download: Android and IOS

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3. Virtuagym Fitness Tracker

Virtuagym Fitness Tracker

Virtuagym fitness tracker is the exercise tracker APP that provides up to 4,500 exercises with graphics and managed activities. It is also the best free exercise tracker APP accessible to everyone and almost works like a physical gym. You can see your performances growing day by day on a proper bar chart. You can know your body composition and workout plan guidelines, and you can plan your customized workout too. It also has the best ratings and reviews and will vitalize your concentration.

Download: Android and IOS

4. Lowcal: Diet Planner, Food Diary, Activity Tracker

Lowcal Diet Planner, Food Diary, Activity Tracker

Lowcal provides personalized diet and meal plans as well as workout sessions. They also allow you to consult with a personalized nutritionist who will assemble your diet charts according to your body type. They will be saving every detail of your water and diary intake and will be tracking your calories as per your meal servings. It is an excellent fitness tracker APP for the person who wants a proper and healthy diet plan along with a workout. They have the highest ratings; they also have a feature of giving you delicious food recipes.

Download: Android and IOS

5. Pedometer – Step Counter Free and Calorie Burner

Pedometer – Step Counter Free and Calorie Burner

A Pedometer is an app that tracks your steps and tells you the number of calories you’ve burned. It has the a rating of 4.4 with positive reviews. It creates a report as a result of the number of miles and hours you walked.

Download: Android

6. WORKIT: Gym Log, Workout Tracker, Fitness Trainer

WORKIT Gym Log, Workout Tracker, Fitness Trainer

In this App, you can create your customized workouts easily and quickly. It will showcase your achievements with a proper stat chart. It includes 100 exercises and you can also create your own. There is complete information about how to use this App in videos. This App will surely motivate you to gain your goals and better your progress by setting targets. It shows your complete fitness history from day 1. This App is the best free workout tracker APP that has the highest ratings.

Download: Android and IOS

7.  Step Tracker – Pedometer Free and Calorie Tracker

Step Tracker – Pedometer Free and Calorie Tracker

Step tracker is one of the best tracker apps used by over 10 million people globally with a rating of 4.8. It tracks your whole weekly chart and let you know your betterments with the number of steps you walk in a particular time rate about the number of miles. It has the complete training plan of how much distance you should walk daily with the complete history; it is much easier to use.

Download: Android and IOS

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8.  Health Pal

Health Pal

Health pal is one of the most favorable apps with lots of features and a good rating. It has all workout plans as well as a progress tracker. It calculates your health in a wide variety of different categories. It counts your calories and set it with the resulting chart and track all your fitness activities. It also has a feature of reminders, of food, and exercises. It detects your step count, too and also has a workout coach for a better guide about various exercises for different parts. And finally, the water intake tracker is the best of all; it tells about the Litres we drank or should drink with time rate and servings. You should probably try this one.

Download: Android

9.  Sports Tracker: Running, Cycling

Sports Tracker Running, Cycling

Presenting you the best App with the best features. Sport-friendly people should try this; it tracks your every sport and its time history so well with the accurate distance you covered and the speed as well. It is also giving free home workout tips with pictures and complete information. They are also providing free maps for easy route planning and distance covering. With all the tracks of your workout, there’s also an option to share your picture with your resulted achievements and have the highest reviews.

Download: Android and IOS

10.  Google Fit

Google Fit

This App is a complete body changer, with the best ratings. It tracks your steps and takes care of your health accordingly. You can check tips and coaching guide whenever you want. You can count your every activity with the exact duration. This is the easiest and particularly best free fitness tracker app, which will boost your workout levels and make you beat you beat your targets.

Download: Android and IOS


These best free fitness tracker apps are very well-investigated and reviewed, showcasing your outcome of every activity and workout. You can easily use their features and engage with them to make your body fit and healthy. These apps have the foremost ratings and reviews that’s why they have the best services. They all can easily be downloaded in android and IOS.

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