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If you are a music lover and loved to listen music then you came to the exactly right place. Here, we will give you a 6 best free music app especially for iOS. With help of these apps you can listen your favourite music anytime so you can consider things to buying headphones, anywhere, across the world for free. Apart from that you want more music or other apps or software then check this aTube Catcher Error 204 and find your favourite stuffs. What should you do when you want to listen to music, but your device has no internet connection?In that case, instead of listening to music online, you will have to download your favourite songs to your phone and synchronize data. This is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming.

Now, let’s move to the list of the top 6 best free offline music apps.

List Of Apps To Listen To Music Offline Free iPhone

1. Spotify

spotify music app

Spotify is known as the most popular application for listening to music with over 10 million downloads and settings. An extensive music library and various playlists are waiting for you to explore. You can also create your favorite list as you like. Apart from that this is one of the most popular online music services in the US released even before Apple Music.

The paid version has no ads, allow users to listen and download music at higher quality. The free form of Spotify can operate on cell phones, laptop, and computers, but for full service, you have to register for Spotify Premium.

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Downloading tunes, playlists, and collections on Spotify is extremelysimple. Just click the “Save” button on the album you want to download. Then, click on the three dots next to the song and choose “Save to Your Music” on the computer version or “Save” on the mobile version to save the song to your music library.

Listening to offline music on this app is easy. You only need to Visit the Spotify website and register for an account. You can login with Facebook account. It will help you find and follow your friends more easily, and you will know what your friends are listening to and share any song with them.

2. Amazon Music

amazon multimedia music player

Amazon Music is a reliable application that works as a multimedia music player. This application also possesses an intuitive and easy to use interface. It provides different tabs to help user’s access different features and functions quickly. You can use the 30-day trial version of Amazon Music. Then, if you want to continue using this app, you must upgrade your account to experience the complete services.

With Amazon Music, you can easily access all your albums, songs, and playlists on your computer and in the cloud. If you have an unlimited account, you can download different songs to a local storage to listen without connecting to the Internet.

3. Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is a digital music subscription service, which allows users to listen to music online in the form of streaming or downloading. Apple Music service will be available in a variety of operating system devices and platforms, including Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Smart watch, etc.

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In the early stages, there were more than 30 million songs in the digital store of Apple Music. This service is for everyone who pays $ 9.99 / month or family package (up to 6 people) with $ 14.99 / month for three months of the free trial.

It is easy to build your offline music collection with Apple Music.

  1. Firstly, you need to download Apple Music to your device and register for an account.
  2. Then, access Settings and turn on Automatic Download.
  3. Now when you add anything to your library, it will be downloaded immediately and automatically to your device.

4. Soundcloud

soundcloud online platforms for music

This is one of the popular online platforms for music in the world, which was released in 2008. With many choices of musicians as well as singers, Soundcloud acts as a channel connecting music listeners with a wide range of music products.It aims to serve a wide range of audiences for different purposes such as posting, storing, and sharing music files, etc.

The free version helps you listen to music from most freelance artists. The paid version supports the music of many famous artists. Most users choose SoundCloud to search for new and independent artists.

How to listen music offline on Soundcloud:

  1. Download and install this application to your iPhone device.
  2. Open the application. Click the Menu button located on the top left.
  3. Then, you can find the song by entering keywords in the search box at the top of the selection list.
  4. Now, click to open the song or in the search page click the arrow button to download the file to the phone.
  5. Wait for the download process is completed.

5. Google Play Music

google play music service

Google Play Music is one of the leading music apps and it is because it’s Google’s music service, so it is a popular app on millions of devices in recent years. Google Play Music also gives you the option to download music for offline playback, so you will not miss any song even if you lose your internet signal. Note that this downloading method does not allow other applications to run together with the song.

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The most impressive feature of this app is that you can upload 50 thousand songs to the server to play later. The free version allows you to play and listen to a variety of pre-arranged playlists. While the paid version offers many advantages such as uploading 35 million songs, listening to offline music, and no ads.

6#: Pandora

pandora music app free or paid

Pandora is also another music app that has both a free and paid version. With Pandora Premium, you can listen to music without ads with a high sound quality, and create playlists with the “Add Similar Songs” function. Moreover, you can skip songs, listen to offline music and music on-demand, or customize your own playlist.

For listening offline song follow the basic steps:

  1. Download Pandora app to your phone
  2. Create a few playlists of your favorite songs and listen to it several times
  3. Click the settings button at the top left of the application then select offline mode.

One of the drawbacks of this app is only that, Pandora is only available to in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. If you do not live in these countries, you will need to use a smart DNS provider to access.


Alright, we have a top 6 music listening apps that you can use for listen your favourite songs for free. Listening to music is one of many people’s interests, which helps your mind relax after hours of study and work.

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