10 Best Pinterest Alternative Sites in 2021

10 Best Pinterest Alternative Sites in 2021

In this article, describing best Pinterest alternatives sites for post photos and engage more useful for your business or personal use.

Pinterest is an American image sharing website or application which was created by Ben Sibermann CEO of Pinterest and Todd Morgenfeld CFO of Pinterest and had more than 400 million users as of August 2020. This operated by the Pinterest, Inc and has base in San Francisco it was a public site, and the type of this site is social media service founded in December 2009.

Top 10 Sites Like Pinterest in 2021

Following site was not for teenagers because this site is public, and anyone can post any picture in this so there are so many types of people who can post some 18+ content here.

1. We heart it

  The website is described as ‘’A home for your inspiration’’ and a place to ‘’Organize and share the things you love’’

 Users can heart a picture which they like or which they want to share with someone in their collection. We can get access through website or through the application which was in play store and in app store. Their headquarters are in San Francisco, California their users are over world because the website or this application is launched on January 3, 2018 and the founder of, we heart it is Fabio Giulio this site was public.

2. Dude Pins

This application and website are simply known by its nae that this is for males of all ages because it this application or website there is full content for boys and men related to bikes, cars, grooming, dressing, and posts in this maximum are males. This was founded in April 2012 in this their content is mature and classy its headquarters are in Greater Chicago Area, Great lakes Midwestern United States. This was for public you have to only register yourself here for free and you can buy or sell or post anything here.

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3. Pearl Trees

 The word Pearl tress itself refers as ‘’A place for your interests’’

This application is available in French and English language. Due to the world wide connections they have to divide the language for many countries the owner of Pearl trees is Broceliande, S.A.S

And created by -Patrice Lamothe, Francois Roca boy, Alain Cohen, Samuel Tessier and Nicolas Cynober.

This company is currently generating revenue via its Freemium, premium business model and this was launched in December 2007 .

4. Dribble

Dribble is a self-promotion and social networking marketing platform for digital designers and creatives in the sense we can ay that the platform is basically for the people who have a creativeness in their mind and have a good touch in designs because most of the people who search this page are interested in designing’s and all related to this. It is the largest platform for designers to share their work online which can spread all over this platform and the product will be visible to maximum of the people. The company is fully remote and have no headquarters and the available language in this platform is English which is easy to understand by the audience. The owner of this plate for is Dribble Holdings and created by the founder: Dan Cederholm and Rich Thornetta and CEO Zack Oisko.

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5. Food Gawker

You can understand the word floodwater by its name that it is basically for the people who love food or love cooking in this platform the recipe of foods and the food in a very decorative way was to be show you and you fell like you are hungry. This platform was founded by  Chuck Lai in June 2018 and this platform is very much interesting about food mostly the people who are addicted to delicious food they already visited to this platform.

6. Home talk

Home talk is a site and application which was launched in march 2011 and based New York city and hometown has users over 17 million redistricted users and 23 million monthly visits and over 140000 home improvements tutorials on their site they basically refurbished kitchen, gardens and your home this site is very popular in New York from this site you can take a guess about which type of home you want and how you can modify your house

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7. Fancy

This type of this site is for social network service, microblogging, ecommerce

The industry of this site is internet, ecommerce, consumer goods. The founder of this platform is Joseph Einhorn, and the owner is Raptor this platform was launched in 2009 and in 2013 the users are 2 millions headquarters are I New York City, United States in this platform we can see so many products for Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Pets, Gadgets, Art, Food, Media, Sports, DIY, Workspace, Cars, and many other products which are very useful in our daily life.

8. Juxta post

juxta post is a Pinterest knockoff because at a time juxta post is giving a very good defeating to Pinterest but in a good way it was conceived to be better then Pinterest at a time invites only membership, lack of private boards, exporting content and many more. Founder of Juxta post is Monir Boktor and was launched in 2011 and the headquarters is in California United States. You have to only make a bid on juxta post, and you can easily enter the site or application.

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9. MIX

 Mix is a very popular and a very loved one platform by the audience from this name ‘’mix’’ you can get that which type of content is basically post in this platform there are mixed types of categories for which we can choose any one of them and we can see there are articles, pictures, blogs and quotes means there is everything which we can search in google and this makes this platform more famous.

10. Visualizes

 If you are a home decor then this one is for you. The interface of visualizes is similar to Pinterest, here in this feed you can save the pictures from the feeds and can share with anyone. If you love furniture remaking or designing on the furniture or want to make your home more decorative you should reach this platform.


Above explain about best pinterest alternatives sites so you can choose anyone from above according to your interest like food, memes, designing, bike, car, dressing etc.

Hope you are enjoy this article and please share your thought about this article in below comment section.

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