10 Best Small Scale Business Ideas in India [2021 Guide]

best small scale business ideas in India

Discovering best small scale business ideas for developing into successful businesses takes some ingenuity, determination, common sense, foresight and practicality. It is very easy to run away with an idea when you are looking to grow a business from scratch and small business ideas are no exception. But in order to save a lot of time, money and heartache, having a good and unbiased evaluation process, so that with some research and insight, you will have an idea as to whether your small business ideas will stand the test of time and become profitable or not.

Most businesses need startup injections as a startup business idea will need cash flow for products, services, or product development, premises, staff, distribution and many other business related costs.

Knowing the market niche in India which you are intending to enter and the strength of competition, the barriers to entry, top suppliers and your unique selling point (USP) all contribute towards your overall evolution, along with the degree of maturity of the market, is it full of oligopolies and monopolies, or is it a new or young and developing business sector where your best small scale business ideas can easily enter the marketplace?

Investors or raising the necessary finance is an intrepid part of developing the small business ideas into a key and significant market player within your chosen market sector.  You may find that some investors will specialize in a particular field or product type — usually it will be something which they have an interest, knowledge or background working within, so that they understand the market forces which can make or break a business venture, whether you are starting from small business ideas, or SME business ideas.

How Small Scale Businesses Play an Important Role in India’s Economy?

Small businesses are the backbones of the Indian economy. They provide revenue for the government and offer employment to thousands of people. With the current layoffs in the major corporations and companies in India due to Covid-19, you cannot rest and assume all is well once you secure employment in big company.

The unexpected can happen anytime and you can be sent back to the drawing board once you are laid off. Whether you are employed or not you should think of how you can start a small business to supplement the income from your formal business. People are making profits worth millions of dollars every month because of venturing in to the opportunity of the small businesses that are currently supported by the Indian government. For this, all you need is best small scale business ideas to stay several steps ahead in times of crisis.

10 Best Small Scale Business Ideas in India for Remove Unemployment

The following top small scale business ideas in India will help you prepare for the unexpected.

1. Online Business

Topmost of the best small scale business ideas in India is online business — with the increasing use of the internet you can make money than you can imagine or believe. There are thousands of online business opportunities ranging from online marketing, web content creation, search engine optimization, web design, academic writing etc. You are the one to determine how much money you want to make per day, week, month or year.

2. Green Consultancy

Very many businesses want to go green and conserve the environment. You can make a lot of money if you offer consultancy services on how to go green.

3. Outsourcing

Most businesses want to get their operating costs. You can make a lot of money if your offer outsourcing services to businesses. You can offer outsourcing consultancy services or help the businesses in the actual outsourcing.

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4. Organic Productys

This is related to health and conservation of the environment. You can consider offering organic everything including clothing, food, toys and everything else in organic form.

5. Internet Services

Also ranked highly on the best small scale business ideas are internet services. Nowadays, internet is everything. Thousands of websites are created every day. These sites need services of web hosting and unique domain names. You can think of starting a webs hosting company and you will make money.

6. Green Construction

People want to turn everything green, you can think of starting a construction company that focuses on green homes and commercial buildings. This is small scale business to start profitable journey from the ground-up.

7. Cleaning Services

Cleaning service is best small scale business for money making — useful for homes and institutions are always in high demand. The cleaning equipment and products are affordable and so it is a business that is very easy to set up.

8. Do-It-Yoursewlf Green Energy Services

Conservation of the environment is the talk of the day in every part of the world. You can teach and train people how to make generator for green energy by use of wind or solar energy.

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9. Online Advertising

As the internet is being quickly turned in to the modern platform of doing business you can make a lot of money by offering adverting services to clients. Also, this could be the best small scale business ideas to line more money to your profitability.

10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

As websites are created every day, each wants to get higher and better ranking at the internet search engines. SEO includes array of services ranging from web content creation, web design, marketing, and any other activity that can lead to higher ranking of internet search engines.

Once you have an initial business idea concept, you can then evaluate its potential and earnings opportunities with some research.  Focus groups and marketing research can provide feedback from the potential target market or niche, but don’t just ask family and friends who may tell you what you wish to hear.

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Therefore, it is not helpful, as not every potential customer will offer the same feedback.  You need to know the truth to move forward with a decent business idea.  If you think it’s terrific but it has some flaws, better to identify these at the outset and correct them sooner, rather than to lose a lot of money which could have been corrected and turned into a potential winner.


Best small scale business ideas are around if you look for them. You can for example, start an online ecommerce store with your own product range, which is something that a lot of people find highly interesting. The cost will vary depending on whether you choose to hold stock, or find drop shipper, as this is one of the best small scale business ideas, so that you are able to buy the stock once you have sold it and therefore have a cheaper business solution.

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