Can I File A Lawsuit Against Aircraft Manufacturers?

When we think about aircraft accidents, we think about the worst. The news about the plane crash always raises questions about plane safety or any terrorist attack. Most legal claims in airplane crashes involve injuries caused by forcefully pushed beverage carts, falling luggage, air turbulence, pilot errors to mechanical problems. This is because human beings are prone to making mistakes. Most of the time, the plane pilots are blamed for the crashes, but sometimes one may want to consider the plane manufacturer’s responsibilities in case of injuries suffered during a plane crash. Despite the improvements in the manufacturing and design of these aircraft, these planes still experience equipment failures.

Types of Manufacturing Defects That Causes Aircraft Accidents

It’s always the responsibility of an aircraft manufacturer to ensure that every part of the plane is made without any manufacturing defects. In case a plane crashes, and the cause is established to be a manufacturer’s defects, then the manufacturer may be held liable for injuries caused. In some cases, a pilot may have done all that a reasonable pilot under circumstances of an accident could have done, but still, an accident happens. Yet, a part may fail even in ideal conditions. Also, an aircraft may be built according to the instructions given by the manufacturer but still result in an accident due to a manufacturing design or defect. For instance, a single part may not be machined according to the specifications; if it’s installed on the aircraft and fails to fit as per the plan, the plane may crash as a result. The manufacturer can be responsible even if he/she did everything required to come up with the part that was installed.

Many types of manufacturing defects lead to aircraft accidents

• Faulty assembly
• Use of substandard materials
• Disabled control surfaces that may lead to a control surface failure to the flaps, ailerons, or even rudder.
• Fuel leaks that can lead to plane fires
• Lack of enough external lighting during the night
• Failure of hydraulic systems or the flight control system
• Failure of the plane to de-ice, causing the wings and tails to collect ice
• Electrical failures that may affect the engine and cause unanticipated workload to the pilot

The above defects can result in micro-cracking, contaminated bondline surface, which could have resulted from improper processing, inaccurate sanding, holes mislocations, incorrect drilling or machining, and much more. If an aircraft is unsafe due to risky design, this may lead to sudden failure and, as a result, this may lead to injuries or even death of the passengers.

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Deciding To Sue, The Manufacturer

Many people can be held liable after a plane crash, that’s why it’s important to contact Alaska aircraft accident attorneys to help you understand who is to blame. The company that makes the aircraft parts may be held liable for the damages suffered. But the main issue here is that if you consider suing the airplane manufacturer, in most cases you will be doing so against a large enterprise. That’s why you may require an experienced airplane lawyer who can directly connect your injuries or that of your loved one to the manufacturer’s negligence. If your case is successful, the manufacturer is obligated to pay for those injuries under the legal concept termed as strict liability. This doctrine makes it easier for victims to sue the manufacturer for switching their focus from the safety of their products. But unlike other cases resulting in the manufacturers’ negligence, a strict liability claim against an airplane manufacturer doesn’t need to have a negligence proof as a cause for the accident.

The Reasonable Duty Of Care

Any passenger who boards an aircraft is owed a standard duty of care. Meaning, the plane must be operated carefully, be inspected thoroughly before any flight, and correctly maintained. The main priority of the plane management would be to ensure the safety of the passengers. If you believe that you suffered injuries as a result of a poorly maintained aircraft, you may consider hiring an aircraft accident lawyer in Alaska to help you determine whether your claim is valid. Aircraft defects cases may take years to be solved. This is due to their complex nature. That’s why an experienced attorney is needed to challenge aircraft defect claims. You need someone very familiar with the plane’s product liability cases. As well, any passenger needs to know his/her rights after a plane accident. This is because, in case of anything, you will only have limited time to claim for your compensation relating to medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, and much more depending on your case. An experienced aircraft attorney can investigate your cause to determine who is responsible and advise you accordingly. Most of them won’t collect any legal fees until you win.

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