8 Care and Maintenance Tips for your Gel Blaster

Care and Maintenance Gel Blaster

As with any hi-tech piece of competition weaponry, gel blasters require at least a little maintenance in order to keep them operating fast and furiously. However, because they shoot gel balls instead of paint balls or bullets, they require specialized care that requires you to attend to moisture. Finally, many models are spring operated while many others have batteries. Consequently, there are a variety of moving or electrical parts that require regular attention if you have any chance at surviving the gel-ball cascade that will rain down on you on the field.

Best Tips to Care Your Gel Blaster

1. Hopper

For many blasters, the hopper holds the gel balls and is one part of your gel blaster that requires cleaning after use. Because the gel balls are prepared in water and then dumped into the hopper, the hopper can remain wet if not wiped down. Although most of the film that might collect inside the hopper vanishes as the moisture evaporates, dampness can cause mildew to begin to grow. If this happens, your ammo will become tainted with bacteria, which can then gather throughout the gun. To wipe your hopper down, simply use a soapy cloth and allow it to thoroughly air dry.

2. Chamber

The chamber will remain wet, so it is important to also wrap a lint-free cloth around your finger and dry off any area you can reach. For areas you cannot reach, you can use a cloth wrapped around a pipe cleaner.

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3. Storage

To keep your blaster secure when it is not helping you win battles, you should keep it secure in a cabinet or drawer that can be locked. If it is a long gun, you should keep it in a rifle case that is also locked for added protection.

4. Ammo storage

Ammo consists of miniature balls or pellets. When you soak these balls in water, they expand to a predetermined size. Because you might not use all the ammo during game play, you might need to store it. For storage, you can dump the gel balls back into a damp container, which will keep them moist. If they begin to dry out, you can add water and shake the container. You can also keep the balls soaking in water until you need to drain the water and load the ammo into the hopper.

5. Luggage

The best way to take care of any gel blaster is to have the appropriate carrying case. For a shotgun or a machine gun, you should get a rifle case, which has a specific mold for the gun. This mold can securely hold the stock and barrel in place, ensuring that neither take any ding or scratch damage.

Similarly, if you have a pistol, you should have a gun carrying case or a holster. The gel blaster M4, for instance, is a compact pistol. If you do not want to carry it in your hand at all times from your home to the battlefield and risk scratching it or dropping it, a holster protects the finish.

6. Ammo

Caring for your weapon is only half the requirement because ammo must also be cared for. The best way to care for your ammo is to keep it moist and in a cool location when not being used.

7. Visual assessments

You should always inspect the spring of your gel blaster because over time, it can lose tension, which will make it shoot at a slightly lower FPS. Additionally, if you purchase an upgraded spring for higher shooting speeds, you need to ensure the spring area remains clean and dry.

You should also always inspect the gun’s chambers for ammo balls that have gotten stuck. A stuck blaster ball can dry up and cause a jam. Similarly, you should inspect the hopper to ensure it is empty. Finally, you should test the trigger and ensure it squeezes easily and does not drag.

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8. Battery

Some gel blasters have a battery, which you should care for by not charging it for more than three to four hours at a time. In fact, most batteries charge in 120 minutes, so leaving them connected to a charger can eventually make them unable to hold a charge.

When the battery is not being used in game play, you should remove it from the blaster. Doing so ensures it does not get wet or banged around. Finally, you should actually store your battery in a bag that is fireproof. Doing so protects you and your belongings from burning if you should ever get a bad battery.

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