7 Casual Games Play During The Day Without Skipping Work

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Most people like to spend time with their friends and family. Playing games with one’s friends is often seen as a means of relaxation. This helps people take their minds off the stress and tension of life.

After playing a game or two, one feels rejuvenated and is likely to perform better at their job. However, in your hectic life rarely will you have the time to go out and play with your friends on a working day. Even if you do get some time in the day, the odds of you and your friends being free at the same time is bleak.

In such a situation, the easiest way to get your share of relaxation is to play video games. On a workday, you may not be able to afford time-demanding long games. Choosing such a thing would lead you to compromise with your productivity, and that is highly discouraged.

7 Amazing Casual Games for Relaxation

To ensure that your work is not neglected while you relax with video games, you need to ensure that the game you opt for is not addictive. To help you make a sound decision, we have carefully curated a list of the top 7 games that you can effortlessly play during the day without hampering your work.

1. Quiz Up

If you like to be abreast of what is going around, then this is the ideal game for you. Download the Quiz Up app on your phone and test your knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

The questions are systematically arranged into multiple small sections. Each section has six questions, and you will get only 10 seconds to answer a question.

Thus, a question set will be completed within a minute, and the faster you answer each question, the more points you get. Playing this game frequently will improve your general knowledge and make you well versed with topics ranging from World history to Harry Potter trivia. This is highly recommended for people of all age groups.

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2. Dungeons & Dragons

If your work-life is stressing you to the extent when you are desperate to get away from the real world, then playing Dungeons & Dragons is a smart choice. This game has endless raids and dungeons that take you through a trip of a lifetime.

If you are keen on exploring a fantasy adventure story where your characters know no limitation, then this is perfect for you. The superior quality graphics combined with the excellent story makes it an ideal choice for people who are looking for an escape from mundane work life.

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3. Horizon Zero Dawn

Another fantasy game, Horizon Zero Dawn is themed around a post-apocalyptic world wherein the organic ecosystem (as we know it today) is completely replaced by machinery. The setup of the game is unique and shows robotic dinosaurs taking over the wildlife.

Beautiful landscape, polished combat, and excellent role-playing mechanics makes it the preferred choice of people who are in for a video game adventure.

Interestingly, the lore of this game is unique and showcases humans as retreating to the stone age. If you want a quick escape from work, this is an ideal choice.

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4. Uno

If you are feeling nostalgic, then you can consider recreating the old-world charm by downloading uno, rummy, or ludo apps on your phone. One of the most common games, Uno is straightforward and easy.

With the app, you can either choose to play against a human or compete against the system. If you are fond of experimentation, the app has newer ways of playing, including ones where you ‘discard all’ and remove cards of a particular colour from every player.

You have the option to ‘swap others’ where you get to swap the cards between any two players of your choice if you have a swap card.

5. Star Wars Battlefront 2

If you are an ardent fan of the classic series Star Wars, then this is the ideal game for you. It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs and can be played in multiplayer mode with random strangers. You can team up and play league tournaments.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a game that you can casually start in the middle of the day, play a few levels, get closer to saving the galaxy, and then return to doing your work.

Saving the galaxy (which is the theme of this game) gives a sense of complacency and makes you feel good about yourself. This improves your productivity by paving the way for you to put your best foot forward at work.

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6. Ludo

If your idea of casual video games involves a trip back to childhood, then this is the ideal game for you. There are several apps that you can consider for your ludo game download, and most of them allow you the option of playing as 2, 3, or 4 players or against the computer.

Not only will this refresh your memories of happy childhood days, but it will also provide a quick escape from the complications of real life. Further, this is a simple app and does not require you to have an expensive phone with a high-end processor to enjoy the game.

7. Monopoly

Anyone who has played the classic board version of monopoly would agree that a considerable amount of game time goes into calculating the money and distributing the assets. The online version takes away all such hassles and lets you enjoy the game to the core.

Since the unnecessary parts are done away with, a monopoly game gets completed in a much shorter time, thereby allowing you to play a game even when you are hustling through the day. You can either play the game in multiplayer mode or compete against the system for some quick fun.

Thus, you see that there is a host of options for those who want to indulge in casual gaming. Based on your preference, time availability, and whether you are comfortable playing with strangers, you can go ahead and choose any of the games discussed above.

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