How Does Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer Save a Guilty?

Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer Save a Guilty

In legal language, the word “guilty” is ambiguous. Its inexactness stems from the fact it has two meanings. An individual can either be “factually guilty” or “legally guilty”. While common people may be under the impression that they are like the two sides of a coin or two pieces of a puzzle, the legal system has a different view of it.

According to law, one remains innocent unless one’s guilt is proven by evidence in the courtroom. All lawyers, including a Cobb County criminal defense attorney, embrace this fact and decide their course of action accordingly.

The law outlines the boundary between guilt and conviction

According to law, “conviction” is the technical term for guilt. By this logic, a guilty person is a convict.

How does the court establish the conviction of a person who faces criminal charges? There is a straightforward answer to this question. It all happens based on legally acceptable documents, information, and facts.

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To prove one’s conviction in the courtroom, the lawyer from the side that brings charges on a person needs to corroborate their argument with substantial proof in the court of law.

Do attorneys consider whether or not their client is guilty before taking charge of their case?

An individual may or may not be guilty of committing a crime. No one can say about it with certainty until their guilt is proven or established in the course of a trial. But what if a person is guilty and a defense counsel, despite being aware of it, decides to stand up for them? This is one of the most frequently asked questions among people who do not belong to the legal community but still keep their eye over the fate of a case.

Interestingly, most defense lawyers, such as Cobb County criminal attorneys, do not even think about whether their client is guilty. They do not consider asking them about it either. More than the answer to this question, what matters to them is if they can defend a case successfully for their client.

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From the beginning till the end, they remain focused on the strong points of a case. They do so with the intention of hunting any possible evidence or detail that would help them represent a case on behalf of their client with finesse. The fate of a criminal case hinges on how well they can negate the arguments of a prosecutor by highlighting their own points.

How do criminal lawyers prove someone innocent even as they are guilty?

The phrase “beyond a reasonable doubt” is commonplace in trials. A prosecutor needs to provide evidence of this nature to convince a judge that a person is indeed guilty. The job of a criminal defense lawyer is to prevent it from happening. This is how they defend their client and represent their case in court.

Even if they come to know that their client is guilty, it is not their responsibility to hold their client responsible for it or acquit them for it. Judges are responsible for it.

Criminal defense lawyers, such as criminal lawyers in Cobb County GA, channel their time and effort in representing the case for their client in the best possible manner. To them, it is a part of their profession.

How do criminal defense lawyers deal with public opinion on their morality?

The question “What if the truth gets revealed?” dominates the entire part of the trial in the minds of common people who take interest in the outcome of a court case. Surprisingly, the majority of defense counsels choose to remain above it.

Regardless of how tenured a lawyer is, they cannot say for sure that they are winning a case. Even the proficient season campaigners among advocates fail to keep their winning record intact. If they represent a high-profile case, which they generally do, losing it can bring them to the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

Sometimes they may feel as if their nerves are on the edge. But criminal defense lawyers know how to get themselves out of this situation in a quick time. Their professional demeanour of going about their job without being bothered about the outcome plays a vital role in it.

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As soon as they take charge of defending a case for their client, they prepare themselves to deal with all possible eventualities. While they may not win all the time against their counterparts, they know it’s a part and parcel of their profession. Also, they know that things will be back to square one sooner or later as people tend to forget about such things with the passage of time.

Final thoughts

At the time of saving a person who is accused of committing a crime, the life of a Cobb County defense criminal attorney may not be as easy as it seems on the surface. But they deal with it the situation professionally and manage everything tactfully according to a plan. Instead of focusing on whether their client is “factually guilty”, they focus on proving that they aren’t “legally guilty”. This plays a key role in dismissing the legal charges on their clients or minimizing the extent of their punishment.

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