Start Digital Transformation Journey For Company & Still Be Lean?

company digital transformation journey

Starting a digital transformation and watching your company make a huge impact in the world is the dream of many entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, most startups fail within the first five years and end up shutting down due to a lack of planning and proper mindset.

8 Tips to Grow Organization in 2021

If you’re trying to grow your organization from the ground up digitally, focus on staying lean and agile throughout. Here’s what you can do.

1. Create A Workplace Culture Of Continuous Improvement

“Kaizen” or the act of continuous improvement is not just a fancy term. Many CEOs are catching on to its definition, drawing inspiration from it. Continuously improving workplace culture also refers to helping your employees improve and adopt the mindset of continuous improvement. You look at the organization as a whole and when everybody gets better, the company evolves. Small companies suffer when the main performer is absent but these gaps can be filled when everyone gets better at what they do.

Kaizen Cycle for Continuous Improvement

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2. Encourage Self-Studying

When you’re running a small-scale business or startup, one of the best ways to grow your company is through self-studying. You can arrange for workshops and group study sessions with industry mentors and get their advice. It’s a great way to help the team get acquainted with your business niche and see what’s going on around them. Various self-paced ways of studying include going through DVDs, books, internet webinars, and participation in online forums.

In most cases, you’ll find you won’t have to spend a lot of money to learn new information. Industry experts share their knowledge freely online and are more than willing to help when someone shows interest.

3. Set Budgets And Stick To Them

When you’re starting your digital transformation journey you don’t want to go overboard and spend a lot. Work on cutting down costs and spend your resources in other areas. Once your company grows, you can begin allocating financial resources accordingly and scale it up. Understand the true costs of running your business and see how much goes into its vital operations. Use automation tools and focus on improving the ROI rather than expenditure from your own capital. This is what means to be lean when growing long-term.

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4. Get Executives and Key Decision Makers Onboard

Successful digital transformation relies on changes across all levels of the organization. Assigning a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) to handle your digital operations and be responsible for scaling can prove to be very effective for your business. Research studies suggest that companies with employees in senior-level roles who were involved in the planning and execution stages of their digital transformation had no problems in growing later on.

You want to assign roles and responsibilities to your employees in a way that aligns with the organization’s vision and scales up with it. Board executives are also likely to go along with your plans and stay on board when they witness a corporate culture shift and overall improvements in the workplace. Your employees are the backbone and starting point of this process.

5. Update Your Current Technology Stack

A digital transformation begins with the technology stack being used. Reviewing your current tech stack and making sure it gets updated is a crucial step. You want to make sure your business workflows are in place and quickly identify any potential gaps in processes. If there is a technology that’s obsolete or any framework that needs replacing, be sure to address those problems.

Technology is not just limited to a business operation but employees’ efficiency at the workplace too. Is data flowing smoothly and are communications efficient? Are privacy measures and data protection policies kept up to date? You want to look into these areas and make sure there are no leaks by reviewing data security as well. Make sure your software is legally compliant with international laws so you don’t run into any issues in the future.

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6. Share Your Company’s Goals

One of the vital components of your digital transformation journey is sharing your business goals with your employees. You want to talk about your vision and let them know where you see your company going in the future.

Make sure everyone’s on the same page and in agreement with your objectives. Assessing organizational goals and reviewing past project milestones is also involved in this process.

7. Other Areas You Want To Cover Are

  • Market research
  • Expectations when it comes to employee performance and revenue growth
  • Projected ROI, operational costs and outcomes, and overall business impact

All these elements are interconnected in your organizational endeavors and must be kept in mind when discussing your company’s vision and future prospects.7. Make A Business Roadmap

When creating an organizational transformation on a digital scale, you want to create an effective business roadmap. What elements do you need to work on first which will create the biggest impact?

Look at what can drive substantial value and any unavoidable obstacles that could block progress that could need addressing. Your roadmap will change over time as you hit new milestones and reach new heights of success. If you need help in creating a business roadmap for your website or digital transformation, you can look towards a WordPress consultant for hire to help you out since they’re well-versed with scaling up online businesses.

8. Hire the Right Talent

The final piece of the puzzle is hiring the right talent. Who you recruit in your business will make a big impact on overall performance and efficiency when it comes to your organization. If you need help in optimizing your company’s website or building apps for the organization, don’t hesitate to reach out to a software engineer consultant for hire and get professional assistance.


Now that you’re aware of what goes into the digital transformation process, you can equip your organization with the tools and assets needed to start growing. Your employees will play an inevitable role in shaping the way your organization grows and it’s important to keep that in mind. Focus on making sure that communication lines are transparent throughout your company and that your business strategy has been acknowledged by everyone.

Once you have communicated the value of your digital transformation journey and how it benefits your employees, you can work together on creating a clear workplace structure and refine your business processes. Soon enough, you’ll notice your digital transformation go underway for your business and before you know it, your company will be taking off and really growing.

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