Valuable Tips to Create Exceptional Mailer Boxes

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Creating exceptional mailer boxes is not an easy feat. But the good news is this isn’t an impossible task. Especially, if you have a few tips up your sleeve. It can certainly benefit you if you weigh your options prior designing your custom mailer boxes.

Remember, designing custom mailer boxes doesn’t have to be a challenge. With some solid ideas, you could create a grave impact on any brand whether you are creating custom mailer box packaging for small businesses or large corporations.

Here are two valuable tips that can help you create ideal shipping boxes.

Ensure Your Mailer Boxes Travel Well

Bespoke mailer boxes should be able to travel well from one point to another. Meaning, they need to reduce your damaging as well as transportation cost. At the same time, your secondary packaging must have a killer design that’s hard to ignore and give a sensory experience which communicates your branding without a single word.

This means your packaging must be practical. To accomplish this task, you need materials that are precisely designed for strength if your product is fragile or bulky. However, if your product just needs to sit on the retail shelf as a proud peacock, then pick an option that’s appealing to customers.

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It also involves superior finishing which could be high-gloss coating, spot UV or matte finish. Packaging that looks great and stacks well can come in real handy.

According to the experts at the Legacy Printing, it costs more to replace damaged goods than to pay for protective packaging. At the outset, it might swell your budget but soon your product damage cost will equate to the cost of sturdy packaging.

A two-piece rigid packaging will greatly reduce your damage and make product shipping a lot easier. For something that’s heavy-duty, it’s worth considering boxes made out of sturdy corrugated cardboard. The particular material offers excellent support.

This kind of boxes are amazing for display and can endure a few knocks and bumps during storage and transportation. This brings us to our next tip!

Choosing the Right Packaging Size is Critical

Suppose your product comes in four different sizes. How can you be economical with the dimensions of your mailer boxes wholesale supply?

An ideal solution is to design two different sized mailer boxes to accommodate all four sizes. Not only this will save you time and money but also ensure brand consistency all across the products—and customers like consistency.

Let’s say you go to the supermarket to buy bananas and find out they are packaged individually, rather as a bunch. Would you buy one? Probably, no. Not because the packaging fails to attract you, but there isn’t a huge demand for single-serve banana packaging.

That said, many food brands are turning to single-serve product packaging as this is what their consumers want. In fact, it has become a great packaging option for many people who don’t have time to prepare their own meals.

With more and more people spending a large portion of their day away from home, it’s easier than ever to grab something on the go. This has paved way for manufacturers and retailers to design specific mailer boxes with this type of audience in mind.

This allows designers to come up with out of the box ideas and create practical and visually appealing boxes. It also makes packaging companies conscious of how to craft sustainable packaging options that meet the need of a growing market.

Nonetheless, one cannot ignore the fact that you won’t be able to fit a guitar into a cigarette box. In a few words, size matters a lot when it comes to packaging. Though one should also know their audience.

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