Does sleeping disorder affect your daily life?


Sleep is mandatory for human beings to maintain a healthy life. But why is sleep necessary and how it helps to maintain health? Because of tiredness, humans need to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours daily. IF they won’t sleep and work continuously then it may cause them massive problems like headaches, dizziness, redness on the eye, etc.

There are lots of people who need between seven and eight hours of sleep at night time so that they perform their work properly. 

Similarly, some people are not utilising their night to sleep because of some reasons like sickness, depression or feeling stressed. People are taking sleeping medicines for insomnia or sleeping disorders to fall asleep. 

People are also acted by their mood if you are thinking too much on any topic while sleeping then this also causes you to awake the whole night. Sleeping disorder impacts on your health, concentration, remembering things, etc.

What causes a sleeping disorder?

  1. Health issues like depression and anxiety.
  2. Use of alcohol, drugs, caffeine, etc
  3. Medical problems like severe pain, breathing problems, etc

There are several reasons for causing sleeping disorders and it mostly causes women more than men. 

In medical terms, sleeping disorder is known as Insomnia. People with insomnia have difficulties sleeping and feeling unrefreshed. Insomnia also impacts on their daily work and makes them irritable during the day. Most people don’t know about sleeping disorders or insomnia, they thought it’s a common problem like they were sleeping at day time so they aren’t able to sleep at night but it’s totally wrong. This problem is a serious condition if you do not take any action.

There are two types of sleeping disorder which are:

  1. Short term.
  2. Chronic problem.

Short term: In this type people are having a problem up to 3 months between 20 to 30 age of age. It can be treated by changing daily routines or making self-confidence.

Chronic problem: IN this type people are having a problem up to 4 to 5 months. The disorder happens 3 to 4 times per week. It can be treated by medication.

Several medications are available to treat insomnia. medication  are very effective because it gives an instant result, it also treats anxiety problems and makes you feel fresh.

You can also read more detail about the sleeping disorder and also for the men’s health medication.


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