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electric engineering

Electricity, when discovered for the first time, did not have so many applications as there is today. Nobody even thought that it will become an essential part of everybody’s life. We can’t imagine ourselves studying in the light of an oil lamp, working with horse-driven wheels in the factory and so on. Everything, starting from getting up in the morning and going to bed at night is driven by electricity. A power failure for even a few minutes can affect the economy in a huge way.

Electricity means electric power. It has great potential. The main aim of electrical engineering is to handle this power. Right from the generation of power up to its utilization by the user, all needs careful handling. The electrical power can be generated from many sources like water, coal, wind, sun etc. Power generated from water is called Hydroelectricity whereas from coal it is called Thermal energy.

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Wind generated power is called Wind Energy and power from the sun is called Solar Energy. All these sources generate electricity according to the need of a system. Many countries are now switching over to alternative sources of power to reduce the pollution and also due to the shrinking of conventional sources of power.

The efficiency of an Electrical system depends upon the proper Management of Four processes which are as follows:

  • Power Generation: As mentioned above, conversion of energy from any source to electrical energy is called Power generation. A Clear understanding of all conversions can be very helpful to an electrical engineering student.
  • Power Transmission: When generated, power has to be transmitted along power lines to their sub-stations according to the distribution system. The sub-stations further divide the power to subsequent stations finally reaching the user places. These may be your homes or work places.
  • Power Distribution: It needs a distribution system which may vary from place to place. Different types of configurations are needed to understand the proper distribution system required by a specific customer.
  • Power Utilization: Proper utilization of power is the last but not the least factor of importance. If not properly utilized at the user end, power will go waste. So efficient power usage systems must be installed at the user end.

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