Expert Oral Care Tips During the Coronavirus Lockdown


With the number of positive coronavirus cases still increasing in Canada, everyone is strongly encouraged to keep practicing social distancing. Equally important is ensuring that you stay in good health. An important aspect is staying on top of your oral health every day to ensure that you maintain overall health. After all, your dental health has a significant impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Here are tips to help you maintain good oral care while under COVID-19 lockdown.

Keep your toothbrush safe

Self-isolation is strongly recommended when confirmed to be positive with coronavirus. This keeps your household safe. Equally important is to understand the possibility of contaminating objects and surroundings. Coronavirus is primarily transmitted through droplets. This makes it highly contagious on settling on surfaces.

Toothbrushes are at high risk of accumulating saliva, bacteria, and blood. Saliva droplets transmit COVID-19. So, you have to isolate your toothbrush to avoid spreading the virus to toothbrushes of other members of your family. Use separate toothpaste and sharing a toothbrush is never advised. On recovery from coronavirus, replace your old toothbrush since the virus might be present.

Don’t ignore your dental visit

You have to maintain your six months dental check-up routine despite the pandemic. Visiting your dentist is very important for your general tooth and gum maintenance. Luckily, dentists are some of the frontline workers amid these trying moments. So, there is no excuse why not to visit a Kitchener Waterloo dentist. This is very important for the dentist to ensure that your teeth are in good condition and to detect any potential issues before escalating.

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Brush gently

Keep your usual dental care routine including regular brushing using fluoride toothpaste and flossing. Brushing gently on the gum margin in a circular motion about twice a day is important. Since you are now not rushing anywhere, you have more time to spend brushing your teeth. A toothbrush with soft bristles is necessary whether manual or electric. And, replace the brush if you have been using it for the past three months.

Keep the tongue clean

Apart from your teeth, you have to keep the tongue clean too. This allows scraping plaque and bacteria to prevent bad breath. Cleaning your tongue improves taste and eliminates food debris and dead cells that might accumulate after eating. This limits bad breath resulting from the congestion of the taste buds.

Rinse your mouth more regularly

Use mouthwashes with one percent peroxide to rinse for 30 seconds rinsing session. This is very important to limit the presence of coronavirus in your mouth because it is disputed by exposure to alcohol-based products. The mouth wash stays in the mouth for about two to three hours leading to a significant reduction in the chances of catching coronavirus.

Mind what you are eating

Now that you have more time on your hands, the chances are high that you spend most of your time on Netflix and snacks. However, avoid the temptation to eat excessive junk food that jeopardizes your health. You have to mind your diet to stay fit and healthy. What you eat now matters a lot for your oral health and overall health since a weak immunity makes you prone to coronavirus. Limit intake of sugary and acidic foods including energy drinks and soft drinks that might damage your teeth.

Vitamin C is a great immune booster but dissolving it to make a fizzy drink or chewing it is destructive to your enamel. Capsules use sugar-free cough drops when having a sore throat while staying away from those with corn syrup and fructose. Equally important is to avoid cough drops to sit for long periods in your mouth. This increases the time for cavity-causing bacteria to feed on sugar leading to the production of acid that causes cavities.

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Keep yourself well-hydrated

Drinking enough fluids is very important for your oral and overall health especially amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The body uses more fluids when fighting infection making you dehydrated or with a dry mouth. Reduction in saliva increases the risk of gingivitis and tooth decay. This results from the absence of saliva that eliminates food particles and acid to keep oral bacteria in check.

Medications including decongestants and antihistamines encourage a dry mouth so you have to drink more fluids to replenish that lost in the process. Drink more water to ensure appropriate hydration. For extra electrolytes and hydration, sugar-free sports drinks are recommended but in moderation.

Bottom line
Life has significantly changed amid the coronavirus pandemic but life has to go one. Safety of your oral health is still important for your overall health and wellbeing. Dentists are essential workers and you can still go to your dental visit. Equally important is to stick to your regular oral care routine, mind your diet, keep yourself hydrated, and to avoid smoking. Do this to ensure that your oral health remains in good condition throughout the lockdown.

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