7 Eye Catching Wedding Dress Designs

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A wedding is a very special celebration. Now is the time to show your friends and family your desire to commit to another person. For the bride, it’s all about so many things including flouristry tape. One of the most important is the dress she’s going to wear. Brides want elegant, beautiful dresses. These wedding dress designs are sure to let you shine on your big day.

Long Trains

If you’re planning a formal wedding, you’re going to want a dress that can stand up to the task. You want a dress that says this is an event to be noticed. An easy way to get there is with a dress with a long train. Think about a train that extends from the shoulders or from the waist. You’ll want it to drape well as you enter the wedding venue. Add lots of crystals and watch your guest’s eyes light up.

Lots of Lace

Lace is one of those things that say this is an event with something special. Designers have been experimenting with lace in new and inventive ways. For the bride who wants lace that has meaning to her and allows her to express her personality, it’s easy to find dresses that use this material effectively. Look for hand made lace to be gently pulled against the bodice. Consider lightly dying it in a shade like ivory to show off the lace’s lively and delightful details.

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Hint of Color

While most brides understandably opt for the traditional white, it is easy to bring in just a hint of color. Consider using a slightly softer shade than the standard bright white. A color such as a pearl with lots of tints will bring something of interest to your dress. If you really want to bring on the drama, consider a wedding dress with bits of colors that stand out like a red stash across your waist. You can also bring in color with accessories like your tiara.

Jersey Fabric

Playing around with fabric has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Designers are looking beyond the standard-issue satin and silk. They’re finding lots of other materials that can get the job done just as well. For example, the jersey is one of those fabrics that everyone loves. It’s soft and works with the curves of your body. Take advantage of it to create a wedding dress that will feel great against your skin and let you hit the wedding in modern style.

Off the Shoulder

For many women, the shoulders are one of her best features. This is where she can make her mark when it comes to a wedding dress. Women who are looking for something that’s really different find the off the shoulder a look to embrace. The off the shoulder look allows her to draw attention upwards to her face. It also brings in that sleek line that helps a woman look slimmer. Emphasize the look with a trail of fabric across one shoulder that twirls around your bust.

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Ruffles Everywhere

Ruffles are in again. This is the look for the woman who wants to bring her out her feminine side. A cascade of ruffles across the entire gown creates movement and allows any woman to feel she’s rightfully the center of attention. Consider varying the length of the ruffles. Start with a small layer at the top of the dress. This can fall down the rest of the dress and get longer as it reaches the floor. Ruffles can also be used in other areas of the dress. Ruffles across the sleeves create a graceful look when the bride moves her arms.

Tea Gown Length

The tea gown is another classic that’s new again. Women who are looking for something that isn’t quite as formal as other lengths love it. The same is true for those who aren’t quite ready to bring in a shorter length. This is a good compromise for a wedding that has just a hint of informality to it. The length also has another advantage. It flatters anyone of any height. Shorter brides find it gives them height. Taller women find it helps even out their height and creates a uniform look.


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