Expert Guide to Find the RSS Feed URL for Any Website

RSS Subscribe - Really Simple Syndication

After the advancement in technology, the RSS feeds are hard to find. It’s nearly dead as the websites rarely prominent them and browsers no longer point them out. The RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. For the website owners, the RSS feed is the life of their podcast. Many best reseller hosting provider host podcast RSS feeds.

As a user when you subscribe to a podcast it won’t get affected if the server hosting the media goes down. You directly get the episodes or the content from the RSS feeds not from the directory. To be currently updated with the content of the website you need to use RSS feeds. But the question rises how to get it? To get the answer you need to continue reading this blog.

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1. The URL Hack

As technology enables the website owners to build websites without coding it also give benefits to the website users. The content management system is used to build websites and offers RSS feed by default. This means that website do exist RSS feed. The site creator sometimes realizes and sometimes not. Almost every website owner doesn’t change the default CMS settings. Majority of the websites are built on yahoo’s tumbler, Google’s blogger, medium or WordPress. You can simply find the RSS feed for those websites by following method.

  • WordPress: Nearly 30 percent of the websites are built on WordPress. If you ever use a free WordPress, you will know the layout or the WordPress sign on a website. If a website is built on WordPress, simply add feed at the end of the URL. For example, if it is or mywebsite add /feedback at the end, You can get specific RSS feeds by following this procedure on different pages of websites.
  • Blogger: If the site you see is hosted by Google’s blogger than you also need to add post and default after feeds. For example, the website is so you will add to get RSS feeds.
  • Medium: If any blog is hosted on than you can add feed before the author name, for example, you add a feed in between the medium and authors name,
  • Tumbler: To get the RSS feed for any blog hosted on tumbler consider adding RSS at the end of the URL. For example,, add RSS at the end,

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2. Check for Source Code

If none of the tricks works, then you don’t need to be panic. This trick will surely find the RSS feed of any website even if that website isn’t built on any CMS. Just right click on any empty space of that specific website. You will get a number of options, choose the third last option (view page source). Don’t be panic if the wording is not exactly the same. Different browsers have different wordings but remember meanings are the same. After you click on the page source start by searching for RSS. Press ctrl+F (for Windows, Linux) to search the code. If you use Mac consider pressing command F. After you find the RSS URL copy it into your feed reader.

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