These 5 Essentials Will Change The Guest Room Décor Game

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Are you about to experience the enjoyable venture of preparing your house for your beloved guests? There is something satisfying to give your guests a warm, welcoming, and homely feel! Isn’t it? After all, providing them with a tidy, bright, and welcoming space is a pleasure for both you and your guests. Before you begin to spruce up your guest room, here’s a thought to keep in mind- think of a hotel room as this will paint a picture in your mind about missing guest room essentials.

Or, spend a night in your guest room to get an idea about the problem that seems abstract to you earlier. Is the bedding soft and comfortable? Are there enough sheets and comforters? Is the lighting good? Is the room temperature properly maintained? Also, we posted earlier about office room decor.

To ensure your guests have a pleasant stay- give them the very best. That means blackout curtains, fresh flowers, fluffed pillows, ottoman, lamps, and a few more things are helpful.

5 Essentials Things for Guest Room Décor

A Luggage Station

Sounds truly obvious, doesn’t it? Still, it is considered one of the most under-rated items in the guest room.  Here’s a case: Often, when you enter a guest room, the first thing you wonder is where to open the suitcase? Do not let your guests face the same thing.

You can install a nice, sturdy wooden unit in the corner of your room where your guests can put their belongings. Or, if space is the issue, put a folding rack that can be used whenever required.

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For smaller spaces, built-in shelves and hanging space above the side drawers are a great idea. Another excellent approach to maximize the space of a small guest room is to think vertically, for instance, putting a chest of drawers will help your guest unpack the travel bags while keeping them on top.

Comfortable Bedding

One of the most important things that will transform your ordinary guest room into a luxury space is a cozy-welcoming bed. Comfortable bed is the utmost requirement for people of all ages, be it- kids or elderly people. Choose a bed that provides enough comfort and support. Consider visiting Southern California mattress superstores for a wide range of top-quality mattresses and other bedding accessories. Remember changing your mattress after a significant usage is important to stay healthy and away from allergens like bed bugs.

A Little Tray for Knick Knacks

Let’s face it- there are always add-on essentials that we put right before going to sleep. Putting a small tray on the side table shows that you have put an extra thought for your guest. It can be used to put small neckpieces, earrings, watch, or anything else that you want to keep aside for the night. A small decorative bowl serves the same purpose.

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Basic Toiletries

Even if you know that your guest will bring their own toiletry, keeping some of them in the washroom is a win-win. Keeping some of the bathroom essentials like shampoo/ conditioner, soap, toothpaste, lotion, etc. will not only be appreciated, but are usable in case they forget something to bring. You can spruce up the décor by storing them in a trendy basket with a welcome note.

Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror is in the list of top essentials, especially when your guests are getting ready, putting on accessories or makeup. Everyone wants to see their whole look put together before stepping out of the house. Adding a standing mirror or a full-length mirror inside the closet door or to an empty wall will make it convenient for guests while getting ready.

These are the five guest room essentials that will make your guests feel welcomed and pampered. Keep your guest room organized and maintained, so it won’t create any nasty surprises that you and your guest definitely don’t want!

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