Top 5 Most Common Heavy Machineries Used In Farming

5 Most Common Heavy Machineries Used In Farming

One of the most important aspects of farming is heavy machinery. Heavy machinery can be used for a variety of purposes, from plowing to harvesting crops. Without heavy machinery, many farms would not be able to function at all! This blog post will discuss 5 of the most common types and uses for these machines in Australia.

1. Mowers and Tractors

Mowers are one of the most common types of heavy machinery used to do Agriculture Jobs in Australia. Mower blades can be attached to many tractors, from industrial ones with multiple wheels and large engines to smaller models that consist only of a single wheel. Mowing is an important step for keeping a farm healthy, as it helps control weeds that might be growing on the ground. It also helps keep soil from being exposed to air, leading to erosion by wind or water. When the mower blade is spinning rapidly, it has the effect of slicing grass and cutting weeds down to size. Some mowers can also remove weeds entirely from the ground, hence being responsible for a “weed-free” lawn or farm field.

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2. Combine Harvesters

Harvesters are another common type of heavy machinery used in farming. There are various models and types of harvesters, but they all have the basic purpose of gathering crops. Most combine harvesters can gather multiple crops and collect them all in one location, rather than having workers manually harvesting each individual type of crop. These harvesters can also be broken down into two categories: field (also known as swather) units, which cut a single swath of grain, and self-propelled combine harvesters.

3. Excavators

Excavators can be used in conjunction with many types of heavy machinery. Unlike combine harvesters, they cannot usually gather crops on their own. Excavators are fairly common heavy machinery for farms, and they can be used in various ways. One of the most popular uses is to move loose dirt around as needed by farmers. Excavators also have attachments that allow them to break up hard ground or plough soil, so it’s ready for seeding. Most excavators will have some backhoe or front-end loader attached to them, which is a device used for lifting and moving objects. Excavators are very helpful when it comes to moving large items that are too big for hand-held tools. Excavators can be used to move rocks or even perform septic tank installations!

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4. PTO Driven Units

PTO (or power take-off) driven units also have many roles in farming. These types of heavy machinery are most often attached to tractors or combines, but they can also be used on their own. An Australian PTO-driven unit transfers energy from a source of power to another type of machine and is usually seen on tractors’ rear or front end. Some units are designed solely for this purpose; others have multiple functions, such as combining and mowing simultaneously.

5. Skid Steer Loaders

Skid steer loaders are also one of the most common types of heavy machinery used in farming. These machines can lift and move objects at a high rate of speed due to their small size and maneuverability. The smaller size makes this machine easily portable from one location to another and can be operated by one person. Skid steer loaders are used for many tasks: leveling dirt, moving snow off a farm field, mowing grass or brush cutting, etc.

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In addition to these types of heavy machinery, many other types have special purposes, such as spraying crops or transporting items from one location to another. These are just a sample of the many heavy machineries that do agriculture work in Australia, but they are some of the most common and useful!

Many farms and orchards use heavy machinery to till, plant, fertilize and harvest their crops. While some farmers still choose old fashion methods of farming (using human labor), many farmers in Australia are using modern-day technology to do the job faster and more efficiently. It should be noted that there is a growing concern with harmful exhaust emissions released from conventional gasoline and diesel engines. Most farmers hope to switch over to more environmentally friendly fuel systems in the near future.


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