Why Is An Electrician’s Job So Highly Desired?

electrician job

An electrician is very highly desired throughout Australia because this type of workman can be very handy in providing electrical-related help in domestic as well as industrial settings. The job primarily revolves around troubleshooting, fixing, and maintaining electrical components, lighting, sockets, power, and control systems of many types of appliances. A specific skill set is needed to become an electrician, along with a certificate and license.

Therefore, after a person acquires them, this type of job can be handled with ease. We take a look here at some of the aspects related to this profession so that it can be helpful for an interested candidate.

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  • The pre-requisites of becoming an electrician – To become a trained electrician, firstly, a candidate must enrol for a Certificate II in Electrotechnology Studies. After the course is complete, an apprenticeship of four years needs to be completed to get a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician through a registered training institute. Finally, an electrician’s license will be needed to pursue the profession and work as a professional. However, the registration requirements and licensing needs can vary between states and that must be checked out by the candidate.
  • There is a demand for the profession – A recent study by a leading web-based recruiter has shown that more than 35 per cent electrician jobs within the country lie vacant, as quality manpower is not available. Hence, there is an acute shortage of qualified electricians in the country. Moreover, Australia is moving at a rapid pace towards non-renewable power sources and the demand for electricians in this sector is supposed to rise manifold in the coming days. Hence, there is a great scope for candidates who are planning to make it a career option.
  • The average wages of an electrician – The occupation is listed on the Australian Combined Skilled Occupation List and that means the full-time earnings by electricians are monitored by the government. On average, an electrician in the country can expect to earn a decent annual package of about AUD 83,000. Some data from private recruiting firms further enumerate on the same and lists it out at AUD 41.46 for an hour that can easily be earned by the tradesman. It means that by following this profession, a person can easily expect to lead a decent life and maintain a stable source of income with ample growth opportunities in the future.
  • Some additional skills that can be helpful – For all the candidates who are willing to become an electrician, some add-on skills can be helpful in addition to the training and the apprenticeship. Employees usually lookout for a car license, written skills, and an elevating work platform license in addition to the candidate being self-motivated for a job. Additionally, time management skills, teamwork, and first aid certification can be quite desirous for an opening. Having these skills, along with and soft skills can be very useful for getting an electrician’s post.
  • There is enough job satisfaction – Electricians in the country enjoy a beautiful work-life balance so that their profession can be quite satisfactory. There is ample job security in all sectors that can help a tradesman to stay assured at all times. Moreover, there is a large variety of work so that a person can never feel monotonous. There are also ample career progression opportunities in this field so that a candidate can always look to heading a team at some point in time.

Therefore, pursuing a course of an electrician in Australia can be quite rewarding, as along with a handsome pay, one can also lead a decent lifestyle. That is why there is a renewed vigour amongst the youth to take up the course and become a trained professional in the electrical sector.

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