How to Wear 5 Different Styles of Men Tees

different style of man tees

Not all t shirts for men are created equal. Each one has a unique characteristic and each one needs deserves to have its own place in the styling world. Here’s how you do it right:

5 Different Styles of Men Tees

Crew neck t shirts

Crew neck is basically a round necked tee and if you haven’t noticed, it’s the most commonly worn t shirt by men. This tee goes with anything and is the one style that looks good on any body type. You can wear the crew neck throughout the year trying out different combinations though the season. For instance, during summer a basic crew neck worn with a pair of shorts, white sneakers and light-weight sunglasses can look smoking hot but also keep you cool from the rising mercury levels. Come winter and a crew neck can be layered with a bomber jacket and you’re all set. 

Polo t shirts

Among all the t shirts for men available out there, polos have a reputation of being the preppiest of them all. Use this to your advantage and nail the prep school look like never before. Go for a polo shirt in any pastel shade and match it with your favourite chinos, preferably in brown and finishing just at the ankle and with the ends cuffed up. If its a bit chilly outside then a well-fitted single breasted blazer will work just fine. If there’s a visible piping not he blaze then even better. You’ll need a nice pair of preppy mens footwear online like a Penny loafer and accessories like chic cuff links and a printed pocket square and voila! You couldn’t look any preppier than this. 

Full sleeve t shirts

A lot of guys use full sleeve t shirts for layering. While they do tend to look really good underneath a nice printed shirt, full sleeves also make an impact when worn on its own. If it’s a raglan sleeve one then go for a sporty look with denims and sneakers. If you have a striped full sleeve t shirt then go for a nautical style with a pair of chinos and boat shoes. Just keep in mind where and when you’ll be wearing this outfit and the sky is the limit when ti comes to styling full sleeve t shirts.  

V neck

The V neck in a tee is itself attention grabbing so when styling this type of crop tops t shirts for women make sure you don’t pair it with something that’s equally ostentatious. You could go for a plain V neck in neutral colours like black, white or grey. If you’re going on a printed V neck then that’s okay as long as you tone down your bottoms and your accessories. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion. As long as you can carry an outfit off, it doesn’t matter how ridiculous the idea sounds at first. 

Graphic print T Shirt

Graphic print tees are the talk of the town. They’re everywhere you look. So when you’re discussing a topic about t shirts for men there’s just no way you can do without giving a special shout out to the super stunning graphic t shirt. Whether it’s superhero prints like Superman tees or Batman t shirts online or ones with your favourite TV show and movies like Game of Thrones tees and Harry Potter tees, there’s just no stopping the rampage these fashionably pieces are causing. Make your graphic tee emit an uber street aura by wearing it over a pair of fancy joggers and the latest sought-after sneakers.

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