How Can We Improve Our PPC Search Results in Google?

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PPC or pay-per-click is an online advertising strategy, used to advertise online ads where advertisers have to pay each time a user click on their ad. PPC is one of the most popular forms of search engine advertising. Simply, it’s a way of purchasing visits to your site instead of earning the visits organically. PPC is highly effective advertising when it comes to driving instant and qualified traffic that is on a verge of converting. PPC is the most ideal way to display your ads to the targeted audience at the time when they’re actually looking for your product, brand or service. Though, PPC can boost your traffic but it requires a lot of hard work, proper planning and strategic thinking as well as constant monitoring. Every advertiser put his utmost effort to increase the traffic but sometimes things won’t go according to our plan or expectations. Even, things gets worse but you are unable to understand what cause your PPC campaign Expert in Islamabad to under perform. Today, we bring you some best tips you can use to improve your PPC search results in Google.

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Ways to Improve PPC Search Results

1. Increase the Score Quality

One of the most essential aspect of AdWords is quality score that every advertiser always in search of. According to the Google, Quality Score is the predicted quality of your keywords, landing pages and ads. This means all three, ads, keywords and landing pages are highly relevant to provide best search results to users.  Google give huge preference to users’ choice and better visit experience, if your site provide positive, authentic and relevant user experience than google will reward you with an improved Quality Score. Higher the quality score lower the cost will be, this sole reason is enough to focus more on improving the Quality Score of your PPC campaigns. According to the Google, Quality Score is mainly works on three factors;

  • Click Through Rate
  • Ad Relevance
  • Landing Page Relevance

Tips to Improve CTR

  • Employ negative keywords
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Work on sitelink extensions
  • Great PPC ad text is key
  • Take proper advantage of Ad Extension
  • Increase your bids
  • Conduct A/B testing of the ads
  • Make sure to have relevancy between keywords and the ads

Tips to Improve Ad Relevance

  • Make sure to your keywords and ads are relevant with a direct correlation
  • Regularly check your search terms and make sure that they keywords and ad text match the search queries of the users.
  • Use negative keywords at Ad group and Campaign Level.
  • It is best for your Ad Groups to be highly themed and Ad relevance, make Single Keyword Ad Group.

Tips to Improve the Landing Page

  • Your landing page should be easy to navigate
  • Optimize the loading time of your landing page
  • Your landing page should be more creative, more grabbing with highlight headlines and also try to remove distractions
  • Use of attractive images and videos can bring huge improvement
  • Try to include a compelling CTA and highlight the USP
  • It is best to put effort to make your landing page responsive and device compatible

2. Negative Keywords are Important

To avoid the budget leakage from your PPC Campaign, negative keywords can play a crucial role, infact negative keywords are considered boon for PPC Marketing New Jersey. Negative keywords are those keywords which save your ads from being triggered by extraneous search queries. It is negative keywords that came to rescue drowning PPC campaign. When your ads get triggered by extraneous queries, they pushed down to lower position which results in the drastic fall in CRT.

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In case you’re ads are getting high impression but your CRT is low, this also calls for the inclusion of negative keywords. Negative keywords make sure that your ads are not triggered by any irrelevant search queries and drive qualified traffic which eventually results in increased conversions. Furthermore, such keywords let your improve your Quality Score and results in lower Cost Per Click, which makes the win-win situation.

3. Relevancy Between Ads and the Search Terms

While running the ad campaign you’ll notice some of the ad Groups are performing exceptional but others are under performing. If such the case, it is best to focus on under performing Ad Groups instead of well working ones. To make your under performing ads better you’ll have to first focus on the relevancy between your ads and search terms. Go to that particular Ad Group you want to improve, check the keywords and then go into Details> Search Terms> All. By doing this, you can easily see the search terms that have originated the clicks on your ads. Here you may see a lack of relevance between your ads and search terms, understand that this is a problem as your ads are not showing the relevant search queries, which in results lower your CTR but is also wasting your Ad spend. Make sure to fix this issue by adding more relevant keywords and search terms. This will not only helps you to improve the relevancy but also improve the Quality Score and increase the conversion rate. Furthermore, if any particular search term seems irrelevant to your search query add it to the negative list, this will make sure your ad is not triggered to that irrelevant search term.

4. Perform Competitor’s Analysis

This is quite important in order to improve your PPC search results in Google. Competitor Analysis is the process where we identify our competitors, access their work strategy, and find out their weakness and strengths. Unfamiliarity with market and your competitors is worst case scenario because it can provide you with a plethora of information about how they are doing so well or what their strategies to generate more traffic.

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Information about your competitors not only helps you to upgrade your PPC Campaign but also increase the conversion as we mention above. If you want to conduct the solid competitor analysis, it is better to know about the following things;

  • You should be aware of your competitors
  • What products or services your competitors are selling
  • What kind of strategies they are using
  • Know about their strengths and weaknesses
  • You should also be aware of threat your competitors possess for you

Your strategies should be based on information you collect on your competitors to cope with the problems. You can collect data manually but it is always better to use tools because they can provide you improved and accurate data in shorter time. Plenty of PPC tools are available for this purpose, you can avail the opportunity to choose the tool for competitors analysis that suits your situation best. SEMrush, iSpionage, KeywordsSpy, Adbeat, SpyFu, WhatRunsWhere are some of the best tools for competitors analysis.

5. Consider the Remarketing Strategy

In PPC Remarketing strategy allows you to display your ads in front of audience who already visit your website in the past. It is an ideal way to increase the overall conversion for your campaign because remarketing will only target those who have shown some interest in your product or service in the past. It builds a path to reconnect you with your past visitors and convey them to come back to your site to achieve the conversion goal. There is a greater chance that your past visitors who are familiar with your brand, business or service will convert into a lead or sale. Remarketing is perfect strategy to create highly targeted ads and you can even segment your audience through remarketing and create different ads on the basis of pages your visitors have visited.

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The campaigns that include remarketing tend to have a higher conversion rate, mainly because you remind your audience about your offer product or service at the time they are actively looking for it. As they already looking for similar to what you’re offering it is easy to convert them as lead or sale. Thus, your conversion rate goes up which automatically bring increase in ROI.

6. Enhance the Landing Page Experience

A landing page is any web page that a user can land on or arrive at. Such pages act as a first step towards the conversion funnel as it is responsible of converting your site visitors into potential conversion. Your landing page should be appealing and engaging as it is the strong indicator of your PPC campaign performance and also holds the key to improve your conversion exponentially. Every site needs to improve the experience of user on landing page and for this the very first thing you’ve to do is to create an alluring headline that instantly grabs the attention of user. It takes only few second for users to fall for attractive headline. Thus, pay special attention to make your headline straightforward to catch the immediate attention of user. Headline should be long and boring instead, try to make it short, clear but appealing. Distractions are main cause of diverting the users to get the targeted conversion, make sure to remove them on landing pages. You can shrink or remove the irrelevant menu on landing page or eradicate the side bars to minimize the distractions. Remove the irrelevant images and videos as well and replace them with compelling Call-to-Action, an important element to increase your conversion rate.

CTA or Call-to-Action are necessary to convert your visitors into customers so make sure that it will be the most prominent feature on your landing page that force visitors to click on it. The content aspect of landing page images and videos speak a lot more than the words so; use the high quality images and videos relevant to your product. Your landing page should be available for mobile users as well because now a days large percentage of internet users use mobile for searching. Keep in mind that users are in hurry they don’t wait long for your site to load. It is important that the loading time of your landing page is minimum. When users find certain site longer time than usual to load they simply will move on to some other site. You should reduce the loading time of your website for better user experience.

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7. Make Ad Extensions to Work in your Favor

Ad Extensions are kind of ad formats that reveal extra information about your offered product, service or business.  The use of Ad Extension helps you to increase your CRT significantly. It is the perfect tool that not only increases the visibility of your ads but also let your ads receive more qualified clicks. Ad Extensions highlight the features, benefits of SEO and details of your product. There are two types of Ad Extension;

  1. Manual Ad Extension: The first type of Ad Extension are customizable ads that provide additional information about your services and products and are of following types;
  • Location Extension – Allows you to add business address to your ads. This is use to make easier for customers to reach you.
  • Sitelink Extension – Located under your headline and description, sitelink extensions are most commonly used Ad Extension. They endeavor quick access to your conversion oriented pages and drive more users looking for similar products you’re offering.
  • Call Extension – It allows you to display the phone number of your business that make easy for potential customers to get in touch with you.
  • App Extension – This type allows users to download your app with download link.
  • Callout Extension – This Ad Extension let you add more text to your ads, short clips of text that highlights you in crowd.
  • Review Extension – Review Extension enables the reviews of the third party on your ads.
  1. Automatic Ad Extension

The second types of Ad Extensions are automatically pulled out from the different sources to create an ad extension for you. Following are the types of Automatic Ad Extension;

  • Seller Rating Extensions: an automated extension that add to your store’s rating.
  • Customer Rating Extension:  Such extensions generated from certified Google sources and consumer surveys.
  • Dynamic Structured Extensions: The type of automated ad extension displays additional information about various categories of your website
  • Dynamic Sitelink Extensions: The last type of automated ad extension link to a most popular offering on your website.

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