Top 10 Industries Making Effective Use of VR

Top 10 Industries Making Effective Use of VR

Virtual reality is commonly connotated to gaming but there are other industries that are making effective use of this technology in their various day-to-day business operations. The iOS app development is exploring AR, VR, & MR technologies to get you the best experience and you will surely see a major upsurge in the app development industry redefining these technologies.

Basically, Virtual reality is a computer-generated environment where users are immersed by creating real-like scene through it. In this segment, we have briefly discussed some major industries that are making use of this virtual reality to experiment with the look and build of their products and services.

10 Best Industries using VR Effectively

Let’s have a look on how VR technology is transforming various sectors with its unprecedented features and capabilities.

1. Automobile Industry

The automobile engineers and designers are exploring the potential of VR technology in coming up with some unique automobile designs before actually starting work on them. Companies like Jaguar, BMW, Bentley and many more are making their best efforts to launch unique vehicle designs with the use of VR technology. Before manufacturing the parts physically, these companies make extensive use of VR technology to distinguish their automobile designing aspect.

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2. Healthcare

VR has immense potential to come up with a digital solution for treating mental disabilities. Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy thought to be particularly effective in the treatment of PTSD and anxiety. Moreover, React Native mobile app development has also used VR to prepare different models to deal pain relief and burn injuries. VR technology has exceptional potential to deal mental health issues where users can rapidly improve on their reactions and brain functioning.

3. Retail

When you opt for online shopping, you never get a chance to try those clothes and then make an order. Usually, what people do is that they order two pieces and then return one or they simply order one and keep praying that it fits them. This could soon change with body-scanning technology in VR, which would allow us to try on clothes in the virtual world to see what they would look like in person.

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4. Tourism

When Thomas Cook launched “Try Before you Fly” VR experience in 2015, no one had ever thought that they can be guided to virtual tours like this. The 5-minute virtual version of the holiday lead to 190% uplift in the New York excursion bookings. In the coming time, Google Expeditions and technology like VR can offer options to travel the world at comfort of couches.

5. Real estate

This is another segment where VR technology has much to offer. The VR technology can help home buyers to look around different properties and feel the joy of what it would look like in residing in those homes. VR app development company can make most out of this technology to real estate sector. Matterport has already scanned thousands of homes using their scanning hardware and allowing home buyers to experience the thrill and joy by exploring any property virtually.

6. Education

The learning and development market is beginning to open up with this VR technology. Whether it is teaching business soft skills or to simply integrate corporate training into current learning mechanisms, VR has a wide scope in this regard. Moreover, the school-level education can also see a major shift towards offering more comprehensive lessons through this effective and efficient technology.

7. Entertainment

The entertainment industry is also making good use of VR technology to offer more realistic experience to viewers with 360 films. The concept has been successful as viewers find themselves more engaged and emotionally connected with the characters that they are watching. Disney Movies VR has successfully gained much attention through revolutionizing the way media content is made.

8. Sports

Several VR companies have already transformed the way people used to watch sports. Today, you can easily watch NBA, NFL, and some other sports events in VR. Companies such as Cosm Immersive enable broadcasters and sports teams to deliver live sports viewing experiences on mobile VR

Wearable app development also has much to explore in this regard. You can watch a game from different locations in the stadium as if you were really present there. This is a great achievement in elevating the viewer’s experience and offering them a modified and advanced way to watch sports in comfortable and flexible way.

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9. Events & Conferences

As VR enables users to be placed virtually, it offers a wide platform for organizers to invite more viewers into in-person events. VR technology can be effe3ctively utilized in enabling virtual conference attendance along with driving collective experiences among in-person audiences. An example of this was at the Mobile World Congress 2016, when conference attendees wore VR headsets as they attended the launching ceremony of the new Samsung S7 and S7 edge smartphones.

10. News & Journalism

The New York Times has already entered the space of VR technology and is making effective use of it to allow users watch news stories and documentaries in VR. The NYT VR App offers you an experience as if you are standing right beside the journalist where the story is taking place. Cross platform mobile development services are paving way for enhanced use of this effective technology for creating better experiences for people.

Final Words

Virtual Technology is soon going to enter every realm of our lives in offering us an enhanced experience through its endless possibilities.

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