Instagram New Feature You Need To Know In 2021

Instagram New Feature You Need To Know

Instagram is loved by millions of people all over the world because of its minimalist and creative outlook and unique features.

Recently, there are some fantastic features that have hit Instagram. Also, some of them are coming to hit our Instagram accounts very soon. Instagram always plays with its layouts, camera or stories, which is quite interesting for those who usually spend most of their time on Instagram.

Instagram is currently in the middle of creating some amazing feature that will surely impact marketers, individuals, and businesses. But there are still new features that you need to know. If you want to find out then do not stop reading. Click here to know about Instagram account.

  1. Go live on your Instagram story.
  2. Personalize your Instagram profile and feed.
  3. Save your favorite post, picture or video.
  4. Cool stickers for your picture.
  5. Rewind camera tool.
  6. Republish or Download your Instagram stories.

Go Live On Your Instagram Story:

This is the most talked feature of Instagram because people crazily love this one. Going live on your profile page is now easier than EVER.

Instagram has come up with an update that will allow you to go live on your story; you can also do it as a duo with your Instagram fellow user.

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Live videos indeed take a bit of courage but many people are doing it more regularly. Whether it is about an event or favorite singer’s concert or a makeup tutorial, everyone is preferring to go live on their stories rather than posting a more detailed video.

What Is So Good About Them?

Instagram lets you go live on your story and share it like any other regular story. Once you go-live on your Instagram story and finish your stream, Instagram will give you two options about your live video.

  • Do you want to save your video and share it so Instagram’s audience can view it? (Your recorded video will last for 24 hours).
  • Do you want to discard it? (If you do not like your recorded video then you can simply tap on the discard option).

Personalize Your Instagram Profile And Feed:

Instagram has no many options to save you from regret, if you are wondering about any post that you are not sure about then you can Archive it right away.

So instead of deleting and regretting later, you can store it in your archive collection, and no one can know about your collection.

How You Can Do It?

Go to your Instagram account, and then open the post you want to throw into archive collection. After opening it you will see three dots in the right corner now select the archive option. You are done!!!!

Save Your Favorite Post, Image Or Video On Instagram:

Instagram has recently added this feature in their application. This works like a life-saver for everyone. Suppose you are scrolling through your Instagram feed and you suddenly see your favorite clothes or food or anything, and you do not want to lose them then Instagram collection can save you.  It allows you to save your favorite post. You can create an individual collection of food or clothes or hacks or you can simply put them in a single collection.

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How To Save Your Favorite Post, Image Or Video?

What you need to do is to tap on the bookmark icon; you will find this icon under the post. Bookmark icon will automatically save it in a collection that you choose. If you want to unsave it then double-tap on the bookmark icon.

Cool Stickers For Your Pictures:

If you are a selfie-lover then Instagram has some amazing new features that you will definitely love to put on your pictures.

Even if you do not take a lot of selfies, you will love to take your pictures from these filters.

In case you have not tried it yet, I will tell you how you are going to use it:

Steps To Use Stickers:

  • Take a photo or record a video.
  • Now tap the smiley-face icon that is located in the right corner of your screen. That is similar to putting stickers on your picture.
  • After that, tap the camera icon in your magic folder and take a selfie.
  • Now place your selfie sticker wherever you want to place.

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Rewind Camera Tool:

If you are looking for ways to have more fun with your stories then this feature will surely excite you.

Imagine if you could rewind your actions like dropping a cup and then watch it fly back in your hands.

Or throwing your hat in the air and watch it fall back at you.

Now you can do all of the above with the help of just one feature.

You just need to open your Instagram account, go to the camera option and tap on the “Rewind” option and you are done!

Republish or Download Your Instagram Stories:

Want to share your stories again? Or someone missed your important story? Take a chill pill because Instagram is here for you.

Instagram is now giving options to its user to download or even republish their Instagram stories. You can also play your stories again and again over on your YouTube, Twitter or Facebook profile even on your blog. You can also attach it in a private message.

Now you can easily repurpose your great content and feel productive!!!!

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Instagram is an interesting social-networking website for social media lovers, and many features have been introduced by Instagram over the past few years.

Instagram is planning to introduce some more features especially for marketers and businesses, and they are reportedly working on it. Experts say they will probably release the new features by the end of this year.

While they are working on some exciting features you can go and check out their recently released features. Though at first, these features may see a little bit tricky but once you get used to it you will surely become a master in no time at all. Try reshaping and furnishing your Instagram profile to attract more and more audience.

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