Instantly Refresh Your Space with Wall Decor [5 Ideas]

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No matter where you live, there’s likely a wall in your home that could use refreshing! Check out these seven decor ideas that will instantly update your space.

Sometimes the best way to feel like you have a new home is to update your wall decor. With a few tweaks to your current style and a few new additions, any room can achieve a quick update.

Whether you live in a rental home or own your house, you can change the spaces inside you’re dissatisfied with and not start from scratch.

Endless possibilities arise when you start checking out all the ways you can spruce up your walls. Before you get lost in Pinterest and DIY projects, check out these five wall decor ideas to instantly refresh your space.

1. Update Your Wallpaper

The days of being stuck with the same old boring four walls are over. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is the hot trend in interior design — and you don’t have to do massive home renovations to use it.

Removable wallpaper makes it easy to adjust your style regularly. You can play around with solids and prints, request swatches to try out, and switch up your patterns when you want something fresh.

Traditional wallpaper is messy and cumbersome. It’s also supposed to be permanent, so taking it down is never easy. The removable variety takes away the muss and fuss that gave wallpaper a bad name.

With removable sheets, the hanging process is simple:

  • Clean the wall where you want the paper and make sure it’s smooth.
  • Trim the sheet until it’s slightly larger than the size you want.
  • Peel part of the adhesive backing off the sheet and press it against the wall.
  • Slide the backing down as you firmly press the adhesive to the surface.
  • Repeat the steps and use a trimming knife to secure the edges and remove excess wallpaper.

As simple as it is to use removable paper, you might want to refresh every room in the house!

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2. Start a Gallery Wall

Do you have a set of pictures sitting around that you keep meaning to hang but never get around to? Or a collection of similar prints randomly placed around the home?

If so, a gallery wall might freshen up your walls — and quickly.

Gallery walls are popular ways to hang your pictures. Whether they’re family photos, inspirational quotes, or your favorite scenes, the bare wall is your canvas.  All you need is a common element tying them together and matching (or complementary) frames.

The great thing about a gallery wall is there is no real wrong or right way to do it. Depending on how many pictures you have and what sizes they are, you might choose symmetrical placements.

You could use random patterns, or try a 3, 2, 1 column structure. As long as you’re happy with the final results, there’s no way to mess it up.

3. Go Big With Wall Art

Interior design isn’t everyone’s thing. Some people are comfortable picking and choosing mini decorations and tying them all together with a theme. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of time filling in empty space, a large wall art piece is the way to go.

There are multiple ways to use wall art to cover a bare wall and refresh your room. Find a large print of a scene you love that also matches your theme, or pick an area rug that does the same job.

The style is yours to choose from. If you like how the print looks and it livens up your room, you don’t need a lot of small decorative pieces.

4. Embrace Nature

Nature lovers can bring plants into their homes and enjoy the benefits that come with them! Indoor plants lead to healthier environments, especially in apartments.

Plants naturally clean the air around them, getting rid of toxins and pollutants. Studies show they improve productivity and reduce stress. Plants may also improve the overall mental health of those surrounded by them.

Apartments tend to have less room for air to circulate, making the air stale and humid. Those who live in complexes and smaller rooms can really take advantage of these health perks.

If you want to reap the benefits of an indoor plant, you can hang them on your wall in a few ways

  • Build or buy a wall planter to hold a few planters of your favourite herbs and flowers
  • Rods with hanging plant holders can attach to the wall and make the perfect home for climbing plants
  • Succulent wall decor comes in various sizes to cover the whole surface or mix and match floral looks

Bringing plants into your home is a quick and smart way to freshen up a room.

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5. Make a Wall-to-Wall Bookshelf

It’s the dream of many book lovers to have a wall-to-wall library in their home, but you don’t have to fill yours with books.

A wall-sized shelving unit can effortlessly store your movies and music, collectables, antiques, or a big-screen TV.

If you don’t want a bulky shelving system, you can use many smaller bookshelves until you cover your wall precisely how you prefer. Once the shelves are in place, you can have fun decorating and filling them up!


Sprucing up your walls can be a fun way to freshen up your home. But if you jump into the Pinterest and DIY searches, you may find yourself overwhelmed with too many choices.

These five wall decor ideas should be just enough to help you find a way to refresh your space. All without too much stress or time wasted down the internet rabbit hole!

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