Is it safe to travel during Corona virus pandemic?

travel in corona virus pandemic

You may be wondering if it is safe for you and your family to travel with the corona virus pandemic spreading around the world. The safe answer is that you shouldn’t. The corona virus is contagious. The disease has affected traveling plans immensely. You don’t know what could happen to your own health if you end up traveling. In this article, you will learn about what to do if you’re traveling in the midst of the corona virus.

What to Watch Out For When Traveling

As of right now, traveling is not a restriction. It’s understandable that you want to travel to see family who lives in a different state. Before you travel you should look into these important factors to consider if it is worth traveling. For the time being, you should put all your traveling plans on hold to keep yourself from developing any symptoms of the disease.

1. The Spreading of Corona virus

Corona virus has been spreading at an immense pace all across the United States and other countries, If you living in an area where the corona virus has not affected you or anybody in your state, you are only affecting yourself if you travel to an area that is in danger. It is not safe to travel if you have not been affected by the disease.

2. Close Contact During Travel

There is no way you are going to stay six feet away from people when you travel. People are always traveling close together, sitting next to each other on planes, and the whole point of traveling is coming across other people who are on a trip. You are only risking your exposure to the corona virus, walking through crowds, shaking someone’s hand, and being in crowded areas like movie theaters, concerts, and popular tourist areas. Being in crowds is a risk to your health.

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3. Ages of the Members of your Family

The corona virus affects older people the most. If you have returned from traveling with any symptoms of the virus, you may be restricted upon being with one of your family members. This is a serious virus, which is why you need to take it seriously. Members of the family who have had histories with serious chronic illness are mostly in effect if they contract the disease.

4. The Risk of Being Quarantined

Pay attention to how vast the virus has been spreading in the areas you are thinking about traveling to. It’s very likely that you may be quarantined, making you unable to get back into your state until you have been thoroughly checked for symptoms of the virus. If you have been in close contact with someone has the virus during your travels, you may be asked to stay out of contact from family and be required to stay home for 14 days.

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5. The Risk of Traveling on an Airplane

You’ll be happy to know that one is at a low risk of contracting the corona virus traveling on an airplane to their destination. However, that does not mean you could be sitting next to someone who has contracted the disease whether it is on an airplane or a cruise trip. The pilots and flight attendant have to know about any lingering diseases or symptoms which may deter you from being allowed into your destination.

Tips for International Travelers

Appeal for an USA ESTA online the second that you have concluded that you want to travel to the USA. Study the required qualifications before entering into the USA. If you are uncertain of your validity, check the government website to see what rules utilize for your country. Fill out an ESTA online and receive a 90-day visa waiver to authorize you and the members of your family to travel to America. Filling out an ESTA just takes 20 minutes. Don’t fill one out the day you are going to board on the plane. No way, there is not enough time! Make sure to have all the important papers and ESTA approval numbers with you to be allowed on the plane.

Check the Coronavirus USA Live Map

To get a better idea of what areas have been affected by the coronavirus check the Coronavirus USA Live Map. This map shows you the confirmed cases of the virus in all states in the U.S and where it is at its worst. The number of cases for coronavirus continues to grow at a high rate each day. The Eastern hemisphere if the U.S is the most in danger of the virus spreading. To those who are traveling outside of the U.S, it is best to re-think your travel plans to a later date. Traveling is not worth the paranoid notion that you could be infected with the virus when all you wanted was a memorable vacation.

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