8 Tips to Make Website Good in 2020

what makes a good website

If you want to create a website and you learn about what makes a website good? so, here we share some tips, which will help you to make your website good.

8 Best Tips to Create Website Good in 2020

Explaining top secrets to build your website good, which directly helps to boost your business.

1.Website Design

If you’re wondering what makes a website good? mostly users get their attention on websites when they see eye-catching elements that make the website look more attractive and wonderful so there are some useful tips you might like to make any website look good.

What making a website good and you really want it to look more attractive and wonderful, there are few things to keep in mind having an attractive website make users more engaging while making it not much hard to use but simple and easy to use and providing a user-friendly interface so making a website having a simple and easy with some eye-catching element it’s much better when you making a good looking website.

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2.Visuals and Content

Do you know what? there are many things to keep in mind while making a website this are two things that really matter in the website is content and visual elements this are two important things for what make a website good that is more reliable and good while also having an attractive title of contents that visitors might want to click on it and it really helps to engage the interest of visitors if you look there are so many famous websites that use simple and easy website visual element because its most efficient way and having a lightweight website opens much faster compared to others.

3.Lightweight Website

Having a lightweight website means a website with good looking content which can be load faster than ever on a poor internet connection that is really helpful for users there are many compression methods available that are used in the website such using perfect image size with having enough quality so website show is lightweight having a light website it lower size is beneficial because it loads much faster.

4.User Experience

To provide the best experience for visitors we need a user feedback system in which if anyone having trouble in accessing or using the website can use a feedback method to send the problems and screenshots of the error in case website developers can fix it later so having feedback system really helps users to get that error resolve.

5.Perfect Font  

Do you know most of the website looks depends on the fonts because using the right font at the right place is key to attract more users and visitors like using much attractive and easy to read and understandable so good looking website doest depends on colors and visuals you should select perfect fonts for it so this is why selecting reliable and good fonts make a website much better for visitors?

6.Website Colors

While making a website you should pick elegant and simple colors for headers it makes the website look more attractive at the first interface of the website and just using easy font colors that match the backgrounds so keeping it simple is the key and also colors really matter when it comes for the looks of the website so you should pick best colors for a good website.


Good Website with having good content quality providing new good and fresh ideas for every visitor. you can also promote your content when users are showing interest in it, it’s ok to serve advertisement on a website but making it look good it’s not worth using display popups and crazy ads that redirect users from different to another website so while keeping in mind serving minimal ads is no problem but unlike using third-party ads company is not recommended.

If you’re making a good website use google ads it’s the best service for serving ads it’s because google uses some of its services that help to show personalized ads of every visitors those are interested in it they might click on it

also, you can also keep track of visitors by using analytics services which are also provided by Google and also from various services but google analytics is recommended.  

8.Genuine Content 

Nowadays, many say that the internet is an ocean of data, but to become successful on the internet, so it’s like similar to a desert so we need to provide the best content in which you can outstand on it so basically you should provide genuine content, you have to make more it authentic and genuine so they are some of the ways you can follow, proving an original content is one of the best approaches to expand and gain visitors.

Here’s a guide on the most proficient method to make it creating an original content may look hard for the first time best it’s the best approach to gain and attract new visitors so focusing on the content is one of the most important things to should keep in mind.

While making a good website, also supporting the visitors by providing help according to feedback should give a significant amount of the time to serve the importance of every visitor and provide answers to their issues that your users may have requested.

Above explained tips to make website good and hope to grow your business by following these tips. Many our visitor said to write on about “what makes a good website”, So I wrote this guide. Enjoy this guide and boost engage more visitors.

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