Meaningful Jewellery Gift Ideas for Your Bestie on Her D-Day

Meaningful Jewellery Gift Ideas for Your Bestie on Her D-Day

She has your back no matter what and has stood tall through thick and thin. Such an amazing friend who made you laugh when you were down deserves nothing but the most special gift as she gets ready to mark a new milestone in her life. This is the perfect occasion for you to show her how much you love and appreciate her presence in your life.

Top 5 Meaningful Jewellery Gift Ideas

We understand that you wouldn’t like to settle for anything less and hence we are here to guide you with some meaningful jewellery gift ideas that are unique and pocket-friendly.

1. Birthstone Ring

We all know that we as Indians have religious sentiments attached to our birthstone. It will be a great idea to gift your bestie a ring that’s set with a colourful and sparkling gemstone. Check her month of birth and consult a noted jeweller to pick the right gemstone. This special ring will bring your friend loads of good luck and prosperity.

2. Pendant Chain

This classic and all-time favourite piece of jewellery is sure to win your friend’s heart. You can pick a pendant with your friend’s name initial to personalise this timeless gift. She can pair it with formal wear at work, or even a nice black dress when she goes out for a movie date with her spouse.

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3. Diamond Earrings

Now who doesn’t like to wear diamonds? If your friend like to make heads turn then get her beautiful drop earrings, and if she like it minimalistic then what better than dazzling diamond studs. We recommend that you get diamond jewellery products only from trusted jewellers that offer a wide range of daily wear jewellery at affordable pricing.

4. Charm Bracelet

Elegantly crafted bracelet with charms hanging makes the most creative gift for your bestie. Loved by all ages, matched with all types of attire, charm bracelets are ultra-sweet. When it comes to charm hangings you have endless options. You can choose to have a single cute heart charm dangling or add a couple more like stars, moon, unicorn or fish to make it more magical.

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5. Gold Coins

Yes, you read that right, gold coins and gold bars also make an ideal wedding gift option for your friend. If you are not sure what design to pick, then take a chill pill and get a pure gold coin, that she can later on exchange for whatever she wishes to with. Gifting gold coin remains close to Indian culture and doesn’t go out of style. A lot of parents get gold coins here in India as an investment instrument for their child’s future.

The online world is full of amazing jewellery designs and ideas. Make the most of it, browse through different sites and weigh your options well. A piece of advice, don’t rush this gift, if you cant make up your mind, seek help from your friend’s mother, after all, who knows a daughter better than her mom. Get your besting a sparkling gift that’s unique just like her.

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