Can Natural Language Generation Really Change the SEO Game?

Natural Language Generation for SEO

Seo, the most crucial factor if you want to rank your websites and drive traffics and sales. Seo has many sub-topics, which helps your site to grow and rank on the search engine. Like every other technical update to improve the quality for more significant results, there have been many fundamental improvements in the quality of ranking context on Google.

According to google observations, in the year 2019, more than 25 billion spammy websites were found each day.

But due to the updates and efforts, they saved about 99% of the users from getting into spam websites by improving the quality.

In last year, estimation shows there was a massive increase in the spamming of websites. The reason behind this was the auto-generated content, inappropriate ads, false buttons, and suspicious redirecting.

As the world is driving towards modern and AI reliable, we can see the latest updates in auto-generation tools getting developed. They are machined-based, so they have combability to provide content fast, related to human limits. This may be a drawback, as it will give rise to more spams in the upcoming times.

Some SEO Ranking Factors

1. Natural Language Generation

This is the technique which uses AI to generate word texts that will be looking natural, as it is written by human only. It is not a new thing we are exploring for the first time, as it came back in years. Now many big billionaire business-focused companies are using its technique. One of the best examples we can see is the Microsoft, they have even replaced the human force and are applying natural language generator. It is more than perfect.

One of the other is the title and metatag generator, which helps in the SEO factor with the ready meta description. This generator will likely form an SEO-friendly meta tag, but the content in the post will not have that much information as it is described per the meta tag.

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2. Automated Content Generator

It will create a natural-context copy automatically. Businesses are using this for increasing SEO value towards ranking. Microsoft’s news service uses the automated content generator only. But there pro advantages of this, such as the natural language generation can use to rewrite a piece of content in a more efficient way. The content will be plagiarism free, original, and unique also.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Naturally, it can generate the existing text instead of a whole new article. For a while, Google is trying to avoid keyword-based searches. Now people are more interested in asking queries into a keyword search into a search engine. So Google wants the data according to the questions solving and can put it on users as per their expectations.

So natural language generation can help google’s natural processing algorithm and will appear as per user’s queries. It is necessary to have a different and high quality of context to pass the google spam checker. The low-quality performance will anyhow affect your site’s SEO.

4. Crawl Control

Crawl control permit users to spur or decline bot’s frequency for a specific couple of hours or for the whole day

Users decide the customer visit in terms of time and search bots.

5. Block URLs

Adding a no-index tag will block the URL, and this is the most effective way to block URLs, and soon big spots will discover it.

If you want to remove your content Quickly from bing, block URLs tools help you out by doing this in a few hours.

You need to enter your URL or directory; then, your content will be removed for up to 90 days.

After that, the content will reappear.

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6. Verify BingBot

Many fake bots impersonate the search engines.

If your search engine is crawling too much, then check it if it is real or not. Ip address is check by verifying BingBot tool.

If it is not real and you can easily block it.

The natural language generation tools developed by modern AI machines can be the quickest way. even though this may be a modern method as per the technology, but there will still be a need for human monitoring and sight over the content and many more factors.

There will be more new updates about the SEO regarding the ranking factor in the search engine. Likely, a new machined based SEO context generators will be introduced in the upcoming years.

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