13 Office Friendly Summer Outfits – Dress Ideas

When summer comes people have to change their wardrobe to accommodate the need for dressing for the weather. If you are like many office-goers, you are probably thinking how you can look smart, stylish and be comfortable in summer as well. For women especially, it can be very difficult too choose.

Luckily, the fashion industry and the fashionista, in general, have found the perfect wardrobe answer for you.

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Thirteen Office-Friendly Summer Outfits You Can Add To Your Wardrobe

1. Linen Blazer, Trouser, and Cardigan

Always have line separate in your wardrobe. The linen fabrics are breathable and give a natural and organic feeling. Blazers are essential outerwear for professionals in the office. Have linen fabric blazer in your wardrobe as its gives both comfort and professional look while keeping you comfortable.  You can get great discount on clothing online using Pipa Bella.

Another good option is having a good pair of linen trouser the one with a sleek and minimal look which will give a seamless look with other clothing. Lastly, a linen cardigan will give a sleek, elegant look in the summer as they are very breathable.

2. Monochrome Look

In the summer, just go for the monochromatic pattern. Single color top and bottom outfit will make you look stylish as well as keep you comfortable. Choose very summery colors like the pale and gray combination. You can also go for matching colors or add contrast colors. Monochromatic looks make your look put-all-together and also makes you look a little taller.

3. Basic T-Shirt

Have a short sleeves cotton t-shirt in your wardrobe as they are very comfortable and breathable in summer and also stylish. Basic t-shirt can go with any bottom clothing of your choice. Choose T-shirt with solid colors like a black colour t-shirt with crew neckline or bold classic pattern or pair it with an oversized skirt to create a feminine and professional look.

4. Sheath/ Wrap Dress

Sheath style dresses are made of stretchable and lightweight material and they are very comfortable to wear and gives a professional look. Wrap style dresses are versatile dresses and are always in trends. Subtle animal print with front button and puff sleeves will give a feminine look. These two dresses easily can be worn for office, cocktail, or any party occasion.

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5. White Jeans and Printed Top

A well fitted white pair of jeans is a must in your wardrobe for the summers. White jeans are the best base for any colorful print tops and accessories. It can easily be paired with any color top. You can also wear a white-on-white assemble for summer.

6. Satin Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are 100% work-appropriate as they are lightweight, airy and very comfortable in the summer. Have fabrics like georgette, satin or silk that gives a very sheen look.  You can easily pair them with a blazer to give a more professional look.

7. Pleated Shirt Dress

The pleated shirt dress is perfect for both casual and formal wear. Pair it with a statement necklace, ankle-length strip heels, and tote bag. Good to go for both office meetings and any day party. Bow tie collection is the best choice for mens.

8. Black Mid Dress

Black mid dress is always in trends in all seasons. They look very good in summer. You can pair it with good accessories and handbag to give a complete professional look for the office.

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9. Button-Front and Culotte Pant

It is a perfect outfit for the summers and for the office. They are very comfortable to wear as they are airy and breathable. Culotte pant is very comfortable in summer that can also add to your style statement. You can pair it with white top and gold jewelry to complete the look.

10. Skirt

Bring out all kinds of skirt from your wardrobe in the summer. Skirts are perfect for summer. You can pair a pencil skirt with some fun prints or colors top or have an animal printed mid-length skirt and pair it with colored long sleeve with a black bag and strappy heels to complete the look.

11. Stripped Trousers

Striped trousers are very stylish in a very minimalistic way. They are very comfortable and easy to wear as well. You can pair it with a tank top with statement jewelry and a stole to create a complete look.

12. Cowl Pants

Cowl pants are simple and give aesthetic looks. It is a very simple pant but when paired with a chiffon top and elevator footwear, it can complete a winning look in the summer.

13. Fitted Top and Flared Pants

The best style tip for flared pants is to pair it with a fitted top. Invest in the fitted top that is stylish and comfortable and designed for the summer.

The Bottom-Line

Use the above wardrobe ideas to look stylish and professional in the summer while staying cool.

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