How To Promote A Local Event Online

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Events hosted from anywhere across the globe need to be promoted with full force to achieve great success. Local events are no different from any other large scale events, except it may be different in some selected cases, such as scalability of the event or the investment on the event or the attendees are generally from the town in case of a small event.

Promotion of anything that you want to sell is completely essential, promotions can differ from one organisation to another but it is an integral part of any business. Even if you search for the best online events you’d still find that they are promoting their events because they need to do so in order to create awareness and sell tickets.

Here are the 5 best ways to promote local events online:

1. Create an Attractive Landing Page

Content for your landing page should be top tier, why would someone want to go to your event if they aren’t even convinced with what you are going to serve them. The content should properly explain what the event is all about and all the details of the said event should clearly be stated on your website or the event page. You can either redirect your potential attendees to your website or to an event website, to let them register for the event, free or paid.

You should also step up the SEO of your website or the event page where you will be posting all the ticketing information. With an optimized SEO, your targeted audience will get to see your event organically on the search engines and eventually it will get more traffic and increase your ticket sales.

2. Create a Social Media Presence

Social media presence is the most obvious and significant to promote your event. If you’re a regular event planner, you should have active followers on all your social media profiles to reach a large number of people. It’s easier to be a local giant rather than to be famous all over.

Start creating content for your local event and push posts on all the social media profiles. Create an event on Facebook and add all the details of the said event, invite as many people as you can and update all your handles. Conduct giveaways of tickets to increase engagement, to create a buzz about your event and to increase the event awareness.

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3. Collaborate with an Influencer or Local Celebrity

Influencers are again a major part of social media and have huge active followers. You can collaborate with them considering the event budget and influencer niche. The preferred influencer for the promotion of your event should be a local one, as they would be more famous in the said city or location. A local celebrity also can be an ambassador of your event if you’ve budget to pay for such promotions.

Local celebs can include singers, actors or anyone who can be closely associated with your theme of the event. The celebrity should have a huge fan base online so that maximum number of people can be reached. This strategy can be very fruitful if you choose the right influencer or celebrity for your event.

4. Create a Paid Ad Campaign

Advertisement afterall is the most famous and common activity that one can opt to promote products and services. Online ad campaigns are very different from traditional advertisements which are done over huge billboards, television or on the walls of buildings.  Everyone can see it but is a waste if the targeted audience is not the one who sees the advertisement. Online ads are more effective than the traditional ad system, because of many reasons.

An online ad campaign can be crafted specifically for your targeted audience. They are cheaper, and you can select the demographics, medium, attendee behaviour and a lot more to reach the right set of people. By such targeted ads the chances of the person landing to your site for checking out the details of the said event increases. Even the best online events do paid ad campaigns to increase event reach and ticket sales.

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5. Conduct Competitions and Sell Special Tickets

Competitions are a great way of engaging people for your event and creating a buzz in the city, especially if your event is completely local. Online competitions are a great way for creating a buzz. Conduct various competitions related to your event. You can go with the general cliche competitions like lucky draws or you can make it a social media hit by creating task based competitions and more.

Different types of tickets can be arranged for your attendees like early bird, VIP passes, group booking and more.

Early Bird- Limited tickets available for the people who purchase tickets way early at a discounted price.

Group Booking- For attendees purchasing tickets in bulk, a discount should be given to such people so that more tickets are sold.

VIP Tickets- A ticket which has general admission right, but with some privileges, such as backstage pass or special sitting arrangement, or even quicker entry in the venue.

These are the few significant ways to promote your event which you should definitely try in order to increase event traffic, ticket sales and to create a brand presence.

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