How To Get Relief Of Back Pain During Pregnancy

Get Relief Of Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is a very common complaint of every lady. No wonder,  you are gaining weight, your centre of gravity changes. However, you can get rid of back pain during pregnancy. Let’s check out how.

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain During Pregnancy?

1. Maintain Good Posture

As your centre of gravity shifts forward due to the growth of your baby. To avoid falling forward, you can try to compensate by maintaining your posture. You can also get chairs for pregnancy for you. These chairs will be very helpful to prevent you from back pain.

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Also, here I provide you with the principles of good posture:

  • Stand up tall and straight
  • Keep your shoulder back and Relaxed
  • Don’t lock your knees
  • Hold your chest high

If you have to stand for a long time, use a wide stance for proper comfort and support. I would recommend you to avoid standing for so long. Rather sit or lie down on the bed for a major period. This is where the chairs for pregnancy help you out.

2. Avoid Lifting Or Lift Properly

When you are lifting any object, squat down and then lift it with your legs, don’t bend at the waist and avoid lifting it with your back. Or if it is not important then don’t lift at all. It is time for you to take proper care of yourself. In this stage, back pain could be very tiring.

3. Sleep On Your Side

Try to sleep on either of your sides. Avoid sleeping on your back. Keep one or both your knees bend. Also, use the pregnancy pillows between your bent knees. You should use them under your abdomen or behind your back. It will help you to get more comfort and support for your back.

4. Try Heat Pad Or Ice Pack

Although these things are less effective they could still help you out a bit. You can apply a heating pad or the ice pack on your back to help you get relief from the back pain.

5. Wear The Right Shoes

no heel shoes and avoid heel shoes

Avoid high heels shoes. You can go for low heeled shoes. Try to get the shoes with good arch support. High heels may shift your body weight forward which shifts your balance forward. This kind of thing also leads to back pain. You can also try to get maternity belts, although these are least helpful but provides you with extra support.

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6. Include Some Physical Activity In Your Routine

Regular physical activities help to keep your back strong. It also helps to relieve back during pregnancy. You don’t need to do heavy workout but small things like walking or stretching your lower back. Rest on your hands and knees with your head in line with your back. You can also try other stretching. Ask your health care provider with the right exercise according to your body type and these exercises will be helpful for you.

The Final Thoughts

These are some of the things which you could consider to get relief from back pain. Sometimes little things matter a lot. The way to lie down, the way to sit, etc. Therefore, you can get the chairs for pregnancy for complete care.

Also, if you have severe back pain during pregnancy or facing back pain for more then two weeks. Then you need to talk to your health care provider. They might recommend you some medicines and other treatments along with the above methods for complete health care during pregnancy.

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