How you can play scratchcards online in India

Technological advancement has transformed various ways of playing casino games. Online scratch cards are virtual cards that you play with the aim of winning a prize like their lottery counterparts. The cards are simple to play and do not require a lot of investment. Imagine just using your computer mouse to scratch the e-cards, match symbols and win! Although this a game like any other where you can either win or lose, but it’s very simple. There are various sites that are dedicated in selling the cards in addition to offering helpful information about how to play and win.

In case you don’t have the time to spend in turning the reels of slots or playing a poker game, a digitized lottery card is the best option for you. Many people, however, do not understand how to play these cards. This article offers you information on how to buy virtual lottery cards and tactics you apply to win.

How to buy the cards

You can get the digitized cards from multiple sites. Before you buy them, it’s critical to ensure that the seller is legit. You can verify the legitimacy of the seller by evaluating the reviews of the previous clients, their reputation, and technical safety. After finding a legit site, the next step is to sign up by providing various details required to open your account.

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In order to start buying the virtual cards, you should deposit a specific amount on your account. After depositing the money, the next step is to buy online scratchcards in India.

Tips of enhancing your chances of winning

Although winning virtual cards is based on luck, there are tactics that you can apply to improve your breakthrough chances. These include:

1. Wise buying

Currently, the market is awash with different kinds of digitized cards. The cards have various prices, prizes, designs, and other features that set them apart. Due to the sheer number of cards in the market, you may find it challenging to decide the ones to choose. At this juncture, you need to apply your wisdom.

The cheaper tickets that many may opt for are small-prized, and you may need to buy many to increase your chances of winning. The expensive scratchcards, on the other hand, come with great prizes, and you require to buy a few of them. It’s, therefore, wise to buy the expensive scratchcards.

2. The small print

It’s critical to read the little print to gain an understanding of the type of odds of winning that the virtual card carries. A wiser player will choose shorter odds over longer ones.

3. Bulk purchasing

It’s commendable to buy bulk digitised cards in a single game rather than purchasing a single card. Buying of multiple cards in a single game increases the odds of winning.

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4. Concentrate on popular games

The popular online lotteries tend to come with high prizes. It’s advisable to stick with them to increase your chances of winning.

5. Practice makes perfect

Before you start playing your online scratch cards, it’s important to practice first. You can do this by using a demo, which may offer you some skills and knowledge. It’s wise not to start playing with your hard-earned money before you understand what you’re doing.


Many people spend huge amount of their leisure on computers. What they don’t understand is that they can use their time online to play digitized cards and even win prizes. This article offers you crucial information about online lottery cards and how you can increase your chances of winning when playing them.

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