Step by Step Guide to Solo Travel in India

travel guide for india tour

Solo trips make you an independent and confident person. Nowadays, youngsters, as well as old people, plan solo trips just to explore the unseen side of the world. If you are fond of travelling all alone, it is the time to book your tickets to the land of purity. It is none other than India.

India is the land with diversity in each and everything. Every few km, you will a whole new culture in this country. There is much more in this beautiful land which you must discover for yourself. This guide will help you to enjoy your solo trip to India in a real sense. There is a total of 38 world heritage sites out of which 30 are cultural, 7 are natural and 1 is mixed in India till now.

The ideal period to visit India

The perfect period to visit India is between the months of October to March. This country has a beautiful climate in these months. It is better to avoid travelling to India in monsoons as it faces heavy rains, especially in June and July.

If you want to feel the beauty of North India at its best, you can pick the season of festivals such as Christmas or New Year. You can also enjoy watching snowfall in some northern parts of this country during these months.

Lovely places to visit in India

India has the precious jewels that you must watch once in your life. The most popular places in India are as under:

  1. Manali/Shimla

The high hill covered with snow is the scene you should not miss in Manali. Your solo travel to this country is incomplete without going to Manali and Shimla.

  1. Haridwar

Since India is the holy land, you must feel the spirituality and holiness here. Rishikesh and Haridwar are the amazing religious places where you can get serene touch besides on the banks of river Ganga.

  1. Rajasthan

Many kings have ruled on the land of India. You can visit some of the most artistic cities of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer. These cities have the most beautiful palaces of kings. Further, you can enjoy a camel ride in the desert.

  1. Kerala

How can you miss the “God’s own country” on your solo trip to India? Kerala has the nature spots, wildlife sanctuaries and lush green tea estates that you blow off your mind.

  1. Seven States

Your solo trip to India is not worth if you do not visit the eastern parts of the country. Starting from dense forests to historical sites, eastern India has gems that are out of your imagination.

  1. Mumbai

The most advanced city in India, Mumbai is an elegant place with everything. You can enjoy shopping and eating at local restaurants in this city.

How to travel within India?

Travelling from one state to another state in this country is very easy these days. India has a huge railway network with connectivity to even the remotest part of the country.

Besides trains, you can also get state buses and minibuses to go from one state to another. Apart from that, there is good connectivity of flights from every major city of India.

Safety tips for a good solo trip to India  

  • You must do proper research before heading towards any state of India.
  • A solo trip is better if you do it by public transport like buses and trains.
  • You must pick the famous and reputable hotels to stay in. They have good ratings and it is safe as well.
  • It is important to carry the first aid box and cash in case of emergencies.
  • You must charge your mobile phones and tablets fully.
  • It is important to check the background of cab drivers and tour guides before selecting them.
  • The camera is an important accessory to carry in trips.

Where to stay in India?

You will easily get 3-star and 5-star hotels in any state of India. Besides that, you can also book guesthouses if you have a low budget. There are also hostels for solo travelers that you will find in any town or city of the country.

You can also find hotel rooms by filtering your search on the online booking apps and sites these days. You can apply for Travel Executive Jobs to know about this field.


Now, this is something for which India is popular. You can find endless cuisines in this country. You can taste spicy Rajasthani foods and north Indian Chole Kulcha.

On some days, you can tickle your taste buds with Mumbai’s street food Vada Pav or few Bengali sweets. India has every taste in its food according to your mood.

So now, pack your bags and book your tickets to explore the beautiful and mesmerizing land of India with yourself!

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