Sony vs. Samsung: The Battle of the Blu-Ray Disc Players

SAmsung-Sony blueray disc player

Avid moviegoers and TV watchers turn to streaming in today’s digital age. Streaming arguably has more advantages than disadvantages. One is that users only have to pay for a subscription and would grant them access to a huge library of movies and TV shows. Another is that users can access streaming apps anywhere, even on the road. The only thing that a streaming app needs is a stable internet connection.

While on-demand streaming is extremely popular today, people forget that before streaming, we had the DVD. The DVD format started in the mid-90’s and is still supported until today. The types of files that can be read in the DVD format are usually video files. To access these video files, you will need a DVD player. DVD Players today have improved over time and have reached the point where 4K video quality and Blu-Ray is available. Blu-Ray technology is a form of DVD format which can store several hours’ worth of video files. With this in mind, Blu-Ray discs are the perfect format to use for movies.

Right now, the leading competition for 4K Blu-Ray players is between Sony and Samsung. Below are insightful reviews regarding what both brands have to offer in the 4K Blu-Ray Disc Player field.

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Sony: BDP-S6700

If you’re looking for a Sony 4K Wi-Fi Blu-Ray disc player, look no further. The Sony BDP-S6700 is arguably the best 4K player from Sony. If used with a high-quality TV, the player itself converts whatever you’re watching into 3D which greatly enhances the visuals. 

As for ports, there are several on the player. While the player itself can be used wirelessly, there’s an HDMI port for you to be able to use it more securely. Another port on the player is the Dolby Digital, which allows you to use the player with high-quality speakers which further enhance the sound of whatever you’re viewing. Screen mirroring is also a feature with the player, which means that your smartphone can integrate with the player and show to the TV whatever is on your phone screen. Finally, there’s a LAN port where you can connect a Wi-Fi router. If a Wi-Fi connection is used, you can use streaming apps such as Netflix and Spotify directly from the player. The player itself can also be used with Bluetooth, which means that other Bluetooth devices can connect as well, such as wireless speakers.

To sweeten the deal, the BDP-S6700 is affordable compared to other players.

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Samsung: UBD-M9700

For a Samsung Blu-Ray disc player, the UBD-M9700 is the way to go. Like the previous player, it can do so much more than just play Blu-Ray discs. For one, there are also ports that can be used with the player. Despite being wireless, there’s also a LAN port for you to secure an internet connection with the player. There’s also a USB port where you can directly connect a thumb drive and view whatever you want from there. 

The video quality with the player makes it go up to 4K. Unlike the previous player, 3D graphics are not supported. It also has Dolby compatibility, which means that Dolby speakers can be used to greatly enhance audio quality. As for streaming preferences, apps are already pre-installed. Streaming apps that are usable with the UBD-M9700 include Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify, to name a few.

Another great feature is that the player can mirror your smartphone. This means that your smartphone can be integrated with the player and whatever is on your smartphone screen will display to the TV you’re using with the player. Yet another great feature is that the player itself is very easy to set up.

The great thing about this player is that the price is in the same price range as the previous player.

The Verdict

If we have to choose, the Sony BDP-S6700 takes the cake. While the Samsung UBD-M9700 is great for what it is, the BDP-S6700 does a little bit better in one aspect which is the 3D support.

For one, 3D graphics are supported by the BDP-S6700 as opposed to the UBD-M9700. Not only that, but the BDP-S6700 itself converts whatever you’re watching in 3D. Aside from that, there’s not much else setting the two players apart from each other.

The bottom line is that the choice of 4K Blu-Ray player is up to you. Both are essentially the same except for one feature that evens the odds between the two.

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