Things to Know Before Choosing a Bike Racks for Cars

bike rack for cars

For proper use, the choice of different bike rack for car is not something improvised. Here are some useful tips for choosing your bike rack.

Why Choose a Roof Bike Rack for Car?

Choosing the right bike rack makes traveling with peace of mind easy. The roof bike rack is an essential attachment to take your “little queens” everywhere for the weekend or the vacation. Thus, thanks to this device, it is now possible to carry, on the roof bar of the vehicle, one to four bikes of different models and sizes.

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The installation can be carried out in just a few minutes through a clamping device with straps, capable of absorbing shocks with maximum safety. As a reminder, to obtain optimal aerodynamics and good driving comfort, this type of bike rack is not recommended for high-altitude cars.

What about The Built-In Bike Rack in a Car Trunk?

This type of support is preferred for cars with a more distant trunk, including minivans and 4 × 4. Its mounting bar fits perfectly with the attachment system already available on the back of the rear seats. As a result, the friction effect induced by the ballot is neutralized by the side parts made of real rubber. The advantage of this option is that it can carry no less than four bikes at a time.

However, the fasteners must be securely held in place with the metal parts of the bodywork to avoid any traces of grease or other dirt carried by the tires. Finally, for the durability of this accessory, it would be better to buy those made of stainless steel or pure aluminum. Indeed, these metals are lighter, and therefore more manageable.

Bike Rack Hung on the Trunk of the Car

Also known as a tailgate bike rack, it is the most popular mounting solution for bike enthusiasts, although it does require some compatibility with the rear structure of the car. In fact, this type of bike rack goes hand in hand with vehicles with a higher ground clearance. This is to get better visibility in the back.

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Thus, if it is a sedan for example, always be vigilant when maneuvering. But that’s not all, so that the car remains well identifiable during the trip, the addition of another license plate is necessary, because the bike rack tends to completely hide that already present on the rear bumper .

Bike Rack With Hitch

The bike rack with hitch can also carry a multitude of bike model with ease. It is installed directly on a vehicle in the form of a clip frame attached to the car’s hitch ball. Bicycles are held with an inextensible clamp strap that can offer a suspended or spread-out option on a platform. It should be noted that with its more tilting position, this type of bike rack provides easier access to the trunk of the car.

Our Tips for Using a Bike Rack

Tie Your Bikes With a Lock

Do you care about your bike? Attach a bike rack with a lock, especially for long trips. Attaching the 2 or 3 bikes to each other limits the risk of theft: it’s hard to get 3 bicycles out of a bike rack at a time!

Respect the Maximum Authorized Load

Be sure to observe the maximum load of the chosen bike rack, especially if you have electric bikes.

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Always Check the Visibility of Your Taillights and License Plate

For your safety (and to avoid fines), make sure that the rear lights are visible, as is the license plate.

Check the Tightness of the Bikes

Prefer to make sure that your bikes are properly secured to the bike rack. Also be aware of the noises while driving and take a regular look at the bike rack.

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