6 Tips To Keep Your Green Friends Healthy And Lush

tips to keep plants healthy and lush

Many people love to plant flowers, veggies or just beautiful house plants but don’t do so because they think they won’t be able to take care of them. Your green friends indeed need care and attention as much as you do. So, you must be a little careful towards them.

Get proper pots or containers for flower or house plants (use HotOzcoupons promo codes for great deals) and follow other below-mentioned tips to keep the green guys healthy and lush:

1. A balance between the size of a plant and a container

Potted plants are affected a lot by the size of the container. These plants have to be in balance with the pot so that they look good as well as stay healthy. Here, balance means that the tallest plant should be at most twice the height of the container and the width, half of that of the container.

2. Good drainage

You must make sure that the plant containers have drainage holes. It is vital as it helps the excess water to drain out and keeps the plant from drooping. Also, pouring excess water leads to water clogged soil and ultimately, to root rotting fungi. So proper drainage is essential to keep plants healthy and beautiful.

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3. Water wisely

You might feel that your plant needs water as much as you do. However, that’s not the case. In fact, watering carefully once a day is enough for them. True enough that lack of water can kill a plant, but it is also true that excess water can weaken them. If you use water spray, then you can be frequent with the task or else, once is enough.

4. Watering Tricks

If you’re a busy person and are not able to take care of your plants a lot, you can use this trick for watering them. Use water spray to keep the soil moist and when you’re about to step out for work, put some ice cubes on the soil (not in contact with the stem). As the cubes will melt, the soil will remain moist. Another one, you can place a layer of sponge underneath the soil. It will absorb excess water and keep the soil moist whenever required.

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5. Fully Composted Garden Waste

Stop endangering your plants and start using fully composted garden waste whenever you must use it. Composite waste invites diseases. Thus, we recommend you not to introduce it to your soil and use just the fully composted ones, anytime required.

6. Weeding

Make a habit of weeding at least once a week as it is essential to keep your plants healthy. Weeds are just like the veggie plants and thus, compete with them for nutrients and water. So if you’re wondering why your vegetable plants aren’t blooming despite providing the essentials, it might be because of weeds. Also, weeds make it very congested for plants to grow.

Give a part of your time to your green partners and know them closely. The happiness and peace you would get are worth it!

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