Top 5 Edible Blooms to Add an Ambrosial Touch to Your Food

edible blooms to add an ambrosial touch to your food

We all are very aware of the most beautiful creation of nature called flowers which beautify the aura with its elegance and grace. The way, it nullifies the bad vibes and brings a wave of new energy in the surrounding is just can’t be described in words. There is also a beautiful side of flowers. Besides being the most lovely part of nature, it also adds an ambrosial touch to the food. Yes, there are some edible flowers that are used for different cooking purposes. From sprinkling on a salad or candied for a cake, incorporating it into a cocktail, these blooms are ideal to bring the best version of it wherever it is used. The best of all is that you can grab these blooms using the online flower delivery in Mumbai or at any place you are residing. Wanna know which edible flowers we have for you? Here we have curated a list of amazing edible blooms that you can buy from any florist. Check out the below-listed points now! 


Roses, probably one of the most beautiful flowers in the world whose aromatic fragrance and red bold colors are enough to please anyone’s soul. Because of its strong floral scent, its flavor is quite subtle and fruity. Roses can be used for many purposes.

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From soups to salads, teas to jams & other desserts, this flower can give a fantastic twist to most of your delights. So, next time, before you move ahead to other garnishing items, try the rose petal treat.


Another floral beauty is here, i.e; Lavender which works best when the buds are sprinkled over the desserts, or cocktails or champagne. Lavender is the most beautiful flower on this planet having the sweet smell ready to let everyone go lost in the aromatic fragrance. No matter if its an ice-cream or any dessert, just sprinkle the buds on over it and see its real magic. The taste of your particular dessert will definitely turn at once. You can easily order flowers online Mumbai from any online florist and add a touch of lavender into your dessert.


Nasturtiums have a pleasant fragrance and come in many colors like yellow, orange, maroon, red, creamy white, etc. The young leaves, flowers, and unripe seed pods add a great flavor to the salads. These gorgeous flowers give a nice taste to anything in which it is added. So, what are you waiting for? As you are very well know how this flower gives a nice twist to your different recipe or dessert, so why don’t you try this in your next dish?


Hibiscus is a flower that is good enough to eat and drink. It’s come in different colors like red, yellow, white, or peach-colored. Talking about its size, then it’s really a big size flower which measures 6 inches wide. Hibiscus petals have a cranberry-like taste that makes it a perfect addition for teas and many cocktails. You can add hibiscus to your glass of drink and stun everyone around you. 

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Borage Blossoms

Another awesome flower on our list is Borage Blossoms that comes in basically a star-shape. It’s an awesome flower that can be used in salad, giving a great twist of sweet and light flavor. They also work well in lemonade and refreshing cocktails. So, if you are making a drink and want to give it a nice taste, then this flower will be a perfect add-on. You can even buy these flowers online in Jaipur and get your delights ready for another mind-blowing twist. 

The today the food industry is growing day by day. New techniques or experiments lead to new innovations and this is what this industry is following. One such experiment is done with flowers. Today, many chefs or bakers used flowers in different desserts or cuisines to give it an appealing look as well as unique taste to it. There is nothing as special as the flowers but such use of these florals will surely stun you at once. There are many flowers that looks wow and better know how to add a wow factor to any dessert. Some of the top flowers we have listed above that are widely used in most of your delights. So, we hope that you love this article and gain some info about another unsaid side of flowers. 

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