Types of Digital Marketing with Explanation 2019

digital marketing Explanation 2019

In this digital era, marketing your business, brand or website is equally important as creating the unique content. There are over 2 billion website on the internet create to serve just 3 billion users across the globe. Which depicts the robust online competition and if you want to get more website traffic you need a strong understanding and strategy of how to represent your ideas in front of people.  No matter how creative, informative, funny or shareable your content is but without the perfect marketing strategy all goes in vain. Digital marketing should be your top priority both for new sites and existing ones. Following are the best digital marketing tactics available in 2019.

1. Email Marketing

One of the most important and best types of digital marketing when it comes to generate conversations. You have website but doesn’t have any strategy to collect customer’s email then you’re out of track. Email marketing best feature is that the people on your email list ‘opt-in’ means you already know they’re receptive to be communicated with. Simply, it’s the use of email for promoting your product or services. To make email marketing strategy successful you need powerful contribution of different things from unique content creation to time requires sending your emails. Email marketing should definitely be part of your overall digital marketing.

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2. Content Marketing

This marketing type focuses solely on creating and distributing great content for targeted audience. The content needs to be excellent, valuable, relevant and consistent because its sole goal is to drive a profitable audience action.  While creating content your focus should be on “value” and “relevant” because these two things makes content marketing different from traditional spammy advertising. Your targeted audience should seek the provided content out and consume it. In vast sense, content marketing is plays important part in every other digital marketing whether it is social media marketing, email marketing or SEO. Blog posts, podcasts, videos, white papers, info-graphics, case studies and e-books are some examples of content marketing.

3. Search engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most important types of digital marketing, where you optimize your content for search engines to increase a steady stream of relevant traffic on your site. It is necessary that the traffic you drive is relevant to your website or industry because even getting high volume of visitors on irrelevant to what you sell will bring no good to you.  People won’t be able to find you on internet without the search engine optimization. Some useful SEO techniques include researching relevant keywords and putting them into your website copy, description and loading speed, optimization of your site title, building relevant back-links.

4. Search Engine Marketing

SEM or search engine marketing term was used as an umbrella term initially for the process of gaining both free and paid search traffic. But now the term switched to SEM, solely for paid activities. It refers to a form of digital marketing that intent to upsurge the visibility of a website in search engines by using paid methods. in simple words, it’s the ads people put on Google AdWords and Bing Ads by paying. Anyone can recognize these ads in Google by the little sign of “Ad” at the beginning of URL and they appear on the first pages in search results. The amalgamation of SEO and SEM Services in Islamabad can drive quality traffic to your website.

5. Social Media Marketing

The process of using social media platforms to generate traffic is known as Social Media Marketing or SMM. Everyone today use one or two social media platforms which means you can easily increase exposure of your product to more number of people and can also build meaningful relationship with your customers. SMM is all about understanding your customers, engaging in conversation and sharing valuable content. Content marketing, SEO and SMM together builds an “inbound marketing”, a methodology that aims at attracting, engaging and appreciating leads. Inbound marketing aims include getting user attraction, driving relevant traffic and converting them to happy customers.

6. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC is type of advertising where marketers have to pay fee every time people click on their ad. It is the process of buying visits to your site unlike typical method of getting them organically thru SEO and other digital marketing types. PPC services in Islamabad is similar to SEM but additionally it includes display advertising (cost-per-click based) and affiliate advertising.

7. Affiliate Marketing

One of the very popular ways to earn money online these days. Successful affiliate program is source to bring a decent passive income. In affiliate marketing a person make partnership with other businesses to receive commission for the traffic he generates for the business. Everytime a user proceeds to the external website and make purchase you’ll get a commission. This digital marketing strategy is ideal for bloggers as they write on different articles on topics and can include affiliate links.

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8. Instant Messaging Marketing

The latest addition in marketing techniques. Instant Messaging Market is perfect way to always be with your audience. Almost 1.5 billion people globally using WhatsApp followed by Facebook, Messenger and WeChat on monthly basis and with Instant Marketing you can be with them all the time. Now people more likely to trust the information they receive thru messenger rather than email or SMS that are vulnerable to spam.

9. Radio Advertising

Though a bit older approach but still Radio is powerful medium particularly for B2C companies and local businesses. This is relatively cheaper marketing strategy than other as you don’t need to produce any fancy visuals. All you have to rely on your client’s imagination. Like other marketing strategies, successful radio advertising also requires you to know your target audience. Create a great script, hire a professional voice talent and your timing right for successful advertisement.

10. Television Advertising

General population spends 4 to 5 hours of their day in front of television so how can we not consider television a powerful medium for advertising. TV is the fastest way to reach people compared to radio or newspaper. Television advertising is bit expensive and you need professionals to create a great or engaging ad. This type of strategy is ideal for FMCG products, cars, clothing brands, food and medicines.

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