8 Unique Cake Designs for Your Wedding

Unique Cake Designs for Wedding

If you have been dreaming about your wedding day your whole life, it’s likely your wedding cake is part of that vision. Like your wedding attire, your wedding cake can set the tone for your special day. And, not only is your wedding cake the centerpiece for your celebration, your cake is also the decadent finale to the meal.

You can create an event that is uniquely yours through your wedding cake design. Long gone are the days when your only option was a white tiered cake with rosettes and a ceramic couple as a topper. Wedding cake design today is an expression of the couple’s personalities, tastes, and preferences. When your cake is done right, it is a statement piece your guests will never forget.

We are going to talk about eight unique wedding designs that will get your creative flow going. But first, let’s take a quick look at the history of wedding cakes. The wedding cake dates back to ancient Rome. As a symbol of fertility, the groom would break a loaf of bread over the bride’s head. Guests would rush to capture some of this good luck for themselves by gathering the crumbs.

Cutting the wedding cake symbolizes the first act the couple does jointly. Did you know an even number of tiers on the wedding cake is considered back luck? An even number of tiers can be divided — meaning your union can be split.

8 Unique Wedding Cake Designs

Hopefully, these designs will get you thinking about what’s possible for your special day.

1. The Naked Cake

The naked cake is a rustic-looking cake. This wedding cake design is tiered with frosting or filling between the layers. The outside of the cake is left bare. You could have some flavorful drippings down the sides or some fruit spilling over the edges. These cakes are often adorned with fresh flowers or greenery, like succulents or lavender sprigs.

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2. Non-Traditional Theme Cakes

Your wedding cake can also express your passions through a theme. If you and your partner like Harry Potter, how about telling that story on your cake? The theme options are endless — Disney, Alice in Wonderland, golf. Your imagination is your only limit.

3. A Non-Cake Cake

Your wedding cake doesn’t even have to be a cake. Couples are now free to use a stack of doughnuts, tiers of cannoli, a cupcake tower, rows of caramel apples, a cheesecake, or a cake made with rice krispies to express their endearing love. You can decorate these non-cakes with a custom cake sign, flowers, fruit, and so much more.

4. Creative and Original Cake Stands

Your wedding cake creativity is not limited to the cake design. You can use a unique cake stand to elevate your wedding cake design too. Start thinking outside of the box with items like a wood slab, a goblet, a vintage chest, a mirrored tray, a wooden cheese board, or a wine barrel.

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5. Individual Cakes

Marie Antoinette said it best when she said, “Let them eat cake.” An individual wedding cake is an impressive way to let your guest eat cake — their own cake. These individual cakes can be designed with tiers, rosettes, and piping to mimic their larger counterparts. You could provide wedding-themed boxes for your guests who would prefer to take their cake home and eat it later.

Along the lines of individual cakes, you could offer cake pops as in individual cake for each guest. Cake pops can be decorated to beautifully match the look of your day too.

6. Mini-Dessert Cakes

Instead of serving the traditional cake, you could offer a decadent mini-dessert. Think ladyfingers, filled with mousse or pastry cream, or mini-strawberry shortcakes. These little confections can be adorned with fruit or flowers and be dressed-up to convey your theme.

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7. Tilted Towers

If you are hosting a more whimsical day, the topsy turvy cake is a must. These wedding cakes are like 3-D works of art. This cake design looks great topped with flowers and greenery. You could even incorporate the naked-themed cake into this design.

8. Photo Cakes

When you hear “photo cake,” don’t envision those large rectangular graduation cakes. A wedding photo cake can be an exquisite work of art with tiers of edible photos that commemorate your relationship. These cakes can be decorated with unique toppers, fresh fruit, flowers, and so much more.

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