Why You Should Vacationing Tiny House Style

Vacationing Tiny House Style

Several life events are causing you and me to rethink how we want to spend our next vacation. Will it be a staycation, or will we brave the world for a real-life out-of-country experience? Well, regardless of which we choose, there is one trend I would like to introduce you to tiny homes. Tiny homes are gradually becoming the buzz. They offer privacy, comfort, and in many cases, a chance to connect with nature. Greatest of all, they offer a space away from crowded environments so you can feel safe even while you are away.

8 Reasons You Should Rent a Tiny House for Your Next Vacation

1. The Cost Factor

The cost of renting a tiny home versus renting a traditional hotel room at a resort is sometimes much lower. You get to save or stay in budget while experiencing similar benefits to a room at a hotel. Look at it as your one-person or one-family hotel. For a great few homes, the amenities you get are in keeping with those in a bigger hotel room. When you find that you do not want the same amenities, the ideal thing to consider is to choose small homes tailored to suit your needs.

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2. The Safety Factor

One of the pains of taking a vacation in today’s climate is the risk you are putting yourself and your family. The coronavirus is a grave concern for many. With another strain identified, we all want to keep ourselves and the ones we hold dear safe. However, renting a tiny home can make that guarantee for you. The only person in your space will be those with which you came on vacation. Your chances of contracting the virus from communal areas gets low. Also, if the coronavirus became less of a threat tomorrow, you can remain content in the knowledge that you are able to keep your space the way you choose. There is a sense of safety that envelops you when you are in the space of relatives.

3. The Environmental Factor

The environment around us is deteriorating because of how we treat it. However, there is a sense of satisfaction that comes when you are in an environment that is eco-friendly. Take, for example, the Howes Valley tiny houses; these offer unique rentals for your next small home vacation or even staycation. If you wish to leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy nature, then you should consider this option. Suppose you are the person who prefers to leave an excellent environmental footprint on this land. In that case, you should consider a small home vacation.

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4. The Beauty Factor

When nature comes out in its glory, it is breathtaking! Experience this beauty out in the wild, seeing it at its best- untouched, unspoiled, and resplendent. Many tiny homes have a backdrop that takes your breath away. The surroundings offer you many options for you and your family or friends to take in. They are often in areas where there are other activities to complement the experience. Create your memories with this experience.

5. The Rest factor

Many tiny homes offer a secluded environment for you to rest up. Taking a 2-hour nap each night is insufficient rest for your body. However, you can book a home on the tiny side for your next vacation and truly unwind in an environment that is free of routine distractions. There are even some homes that offer no internet connectivity. It leaves you separated from the world around you for as long as you want, giving you time to rest well.

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6. The “New” Factor

Let yourself leave behind the mundane-the regular for a while! Experience a new culture in your travels. See how the other side of the world lives, play, eat, and survive. Face activities that you have never seen or heard of before and give yourself the chance to love something new. Allow yourself a chance to eat directly from the soil as many tiny homes support its kitchen from farm to table. Move away from tradition and challenge your inhibitions.

7. The Time Factor

You have no choice with a tiny home but spend more time in the space shared with your family or loved ones. In such a small area, you get to enjoy each other’s company. You also get to repair relationships and start new traditions. Some time alone helps you to focus on the things in your life that are important. A tiny home does not allow you to have many material items to distract you. As such, you get to connect with those present on a deeper level.

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8. The Fun Factor

Tiny homes all have qualities unique to them. The shape differs, the size varies, and of course, the aesthetics. They also come with wheels! Imagine booking a small home vacation and having the ability to make a cross country road trip as well. You have the choice of seeing many places while being in the comfort of a homely space. If you have children who do not want to stay in one place for extended periods, this is a great option.

You don’t have to spend an extended time away from your routine, but some time in a tiny home may change your perspective on life.

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