10 Ideal Ways to Decorate Small Living Space

The last thing that you would be heading on to is to spend time in a living space that is completely left cluttered. All you think is close your eyes and think of heaven. This is a smart styling thing to go ahead in decorating your living space.

Today we have compiled the list of 10 such ideas suggested by the  emergency Central Coast electrician that would make your small living space look bigger:

#1. Allow insufficient lights

Never try block out the natural light from the sun’s rays while they enter your living space, avoid the use of blinds and dark curtains. Space would be more airy and open when you allow in the natural light. Also, you can go ahead with lighter shades to maximize the light irrespective of whether or not you have larger windows and tons of sunlight.

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#2. Place a loveseat couch

Loveseat would be the best option to suit your needs when you are living along with a partner. You can simply combine it with a smaller table to give a more spacious and cozy look to your living space. You can also set a table lamp or other beautification lights with the help of the electricians from Central Coast emergency services.

#3. Playing with the scale

Why not make a great statement in a small space? You can make a great difference between that of well-curated collections as well as dramatic design moment as this is something much better than that of clutter. Try out a smart chandelier installed with the help of level 2 electrician Central Coast as this will create something intrigue and will be in complete contrast.

#4. Choose a larger rug

This is a trick that would make your room appear quite spacious when you choose to have a larger rug placed in a bolder pattern. The large size that is there usually would also be quite visually pleasing. The space will be anchored enough and give you a great staple piece that you would involve in the design of the room that is around you. You can also have a corner seating arrangement or have a traditional sofa placed.

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#5. Bring in coziness

Go ahead with that of plush, softer rug when you keep the seating arrangement closer and much more intimate here. When you are decorating the smaller living room, this is the best choice you would be making as this is both functional and welcoming.

#6. Choose a darker shade of paint

You can create a statement of a backdrop for the simplest cleaner pieces that are quite colorful and bold when it comes to the darker and glossy walls. Allow it to be felt like a jewel wall and also apply in some intriguing lighting choices. You can well take the advice from the electricians of the Central Coast emergency electricians.

You can also enhance the sense of intimacy when you paint the ceiling the same color as that of the walls here. You can later have bright furniture throughout and have a lot of fun here.

#7. Create a place for multi-purpose activity

The sole option that you need to have is making things multi-purpose when there is a lack of space here. You can combine two rooms into a single one irrespective of the size and the shape of the room to have the most out of it.

#8. Make use of the high ceiling

You can well get a lot of mileage though the high ceilings even when you are lacking in the square footage of the surface space. As stated by bloomingair.com, you can also add on some airiness and height to a smaller room when the curtain hung well above a window. You can also accentuate taller windows with the help of high curtains and show-stopping wallpaper when you take advantage of the vertical space that is there for you. Use of ceiling lights can also make a small room look bigger and they can be installed easily by any professional local electrician.

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You can also add on some airiness and height to a smaller room when the curtain hung well above a window. You also need to use some extra fabric for fullness when you keep the design of the curtain a basic one.

#9. Add the Ottomans

You can make better use of the space with the use of Ottomans in place of traditional coffee tables. Top it up with the tray that would hold the flowers or simply use it as extra seating. They can also become footrest in the normal family get together. You can well create a perfect balance between that of the formal and casual ones.

#10. Strategically display the artwork

Why not accentuate or expand the height of the room as you bring your artwork up to your eye mark. If the gallery wall extends up to that of the ceiling, it can actually make your room appear larger though a gallery wall might seem to be the busiest one for a smaller place.

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