At home, procrastination and distraction can prevent you from accomplishing what you would like to urge done. 

Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to be more productive.

Here are some ways to assist you to stay focused and obtain more while studying

  1. Use a Scent

Put a touch little bit of perfume, cologne, volatile oil, perfumes, body mist, or scented lotion on while you’re studying, then placed on an equivalent scent when you’re getting to take the quiz or exam. The scent will trigger the memory that you simply stored in your brain once you were studying. Try a scent that you simply don’t have tons of association with already. Calming scents like lavender may assist you to relax, also as recall information.

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  1. Flavored Gum

Chewing flavored gum can trigger your brain quickly. The flavor and texture of the gum may assist you to retrieve information from your brain. For best results, try a flavor that you’re unacquainted with.

  1. Get an honest Night’s Sleep

Students of all ages should get a minimum of eight hours of sleep every school night. It’s the simplest thanks to making sure that the brain is refreshed and prepared to process all of the knowledge learned during the day. It’s going to be tempting to remain up late to cram, but it’s more beneficial to urge enough rest.

A full night’s sleep is particularly important the night before a test—a good night’s sleep causes you to more alert and improves memory for test material, resulting in better test results.

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  1. Create a Timetable

Creating a timetable helps organize sometimes, schedules your breaks, and is particularly useful once you have multiple subjects to review. Write your schedule down so you’ll commit it to memory and ask it often. Set reasonable limits for a way much time you spend studying every day, and break your study session up into manageable chunks of your time.


  1. Teach a lover 

What happens if you’ve got difficulty finding how to elucidate your answers or put your thoughts into words? This will be difficult, albeit you’re conversant in the fabric. Lecture to a lover, as this enables you to coach and prepares your mind to elucidate complex topics. It’s more useful if your final consists of a speech and presentation. 

  1. Exercise

The benefits of exercise on the brain are well established within the fields of health, fitness, and psychology.

Click here to check how to deal with pain during exercise. Studies show our brainpower gets a lift following even a brief workout, as our bodies are pumping oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Breaking a sweat just before cracking the books can keep you more alert, open, and ready to learn new information.


But  Don’t sit for hours in the same position while reading otherwise you might get a back pain issue

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  1. Stop Multitasking Now

Multitasking is now a myth. You’ll think you’re killing two birds with one stone by texting while studying, for instance, but you’re forming poor study habits. Consistent with researchers, so-called “multitasking” extends your study time and ultimately may damage your grades.



It is best to vary your material instead of zeroing in persistently in one area. (It is suitable to hitch related or similar subject areas together; for instance, rather than only memorizing vocabulary, mix in reading also. If doing math, tackle several concepts together rather than only one.


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